Hairband display

I love putting hairbands on my little diva with her afro. So she has tons of hairbands as when ever i see a cute hairband my palm just itches to buy it. And my little diva loves choosing a hairband to wear with her outfits. I always have a problem as the hairbands have flowers on them and when i put it in the hair accessories containers the flowers or embellishments gets all creased up and makes it look less attractive. So then i decided to make a display where i can hang up the bands and display it. This transpired in my idea for the wall art to display my divas hairbands.

What you need:

  • Plywood cut out shapes ( i collected butterflies and flowers but any prefered shape will do)
  • Mini wooden pegs
  • Craft paint
  • Paint brush
  • Craft glue
  • heavy duty 2 way tape

How to:

Paint your shape with the colours of your choice, I used purple and pink. and let dry. Once the paint is dried you can glue on the mini wooden pegs ( find these normally in craft shops, though if you are using bigger shapes you could opt for normal wooden pegs) I bought these mini pegs ages ago when my diva was a tiny baby. I liked the cute embelishments it had on. I thought it would come in handy some day.

Then cut the 2 way tape to size and stick it on the back and stick it to the wall where you want it. When it is sturdy then you can add the headbands.

I am still deciding to have it only butterflies in a rowOr alternate butterflies and flowers.Edited: i finally put up all the wall decor hairband holders.


Afternoon Surprise Treat Box

Everyday when i go pick my litte diva from creche i have a little surprise on her carseat waiting for her. I started off with the best of intentions with giving her non food but it just gotten easier to leave a little tin with 6 smarties or fruit cubes, etc.

Last week i was browsing the Crafters market and came a cross a raw material box and had an ah hah moment. to decorate it so after buying the box and getting some decorating things and paint. So each afternoon while me and my diva waits for her daddy i systematically decorated it. not easy as i have a toddler who also things she can help..

What you need:

  • Craft paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Box to decorate mine is wooden
  • Embellishments ( i got my diva’s name in wooden letters and then some wooden embellishments
  • Craft Glue

How to start:

Start by painting the box

Our Crafters market was brilliant as they had small little craft paintsĀ  because i really didnt need a whole tub of craft paint for this little project, and they had a nice idea of making a pallet to hold these little bottles. makes painting so much easier.

i used different colour craft paint to paint the embellishments. i decided to leave the name in raw wood. Once all the painting has been done and it is dry then you can start glueing the embellishments to the box.

Now my diva have a pretty box that houses her afternoon surprise.

Tin can storage

I was looking for something to house my arts and craft tits and tats in and was collecting tin cans of different heights because i knew an idea was just out there for me to use. Then i saw this brilliant idea on Pinterest. It was a tin caddy. and it was a brilliantly easy thing to do with my tin cans. So i set out this weekend to do a test run which i will put in my bathroom, hence the combs and hair accessories and makeup brushes.

What you need:

  • empty cleaned tins
  • Spray paint
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Craft glue
  • Modge (optional)

How To:

Spray the tin cans. (what helped me with not getting the spraypaint on everywhere was to first put a plastic grocery bag over my hand and then put the tin can over it and spraypaint. when done just slide it off and all the mess is on the plastic bag. when the can is dry cut scrapbook paper to the desired size you would like it to be on the can. Put craft glue on the scrapbook paper and stick it around the tin can. i think i’ll put a coat of lacquer or modge over it to seal it as it will be in the bathroom.

You can put any embellishments on that you desire to make it pretty.