Weekend Photo Challange

this weekends Saterday photo challange was the word loud: So loud was my diva screethicng at the top of her voice for no apparent reason just because she can.The Sunday callange was animal: My and my diva went to the Kinderplaas Zoo and had an absolute blast. I promise to post the full story soon. All the animals are so tame that you can go right up close and personal to them. Love the little bunny that was sitting next to his little house.


Photo challange: Close up

A few moms on my Baby forum has decided to do a photo challange. Though my life is too busy to participate everyday of the week. I decided to do the challange over weekends and public holidays. Yesterday was a public holiday and the challange for the day was “Close-up”. I was fortunate to have been booked to be a photographer at a all ladies High tea as it was Womans Day. And there were just so many pretty dainty things for me too do my close up for the day on. Though for the challange i choose…

Though i still have lots of other favourites too

I have never thought myself to be a still life Photographer but i actually enjoyed the close up assignment very much.