DIY Wrapping paper

I know i have posted about our wrapping paper tradition. But what makes this special is the fact that my youngest has now started to join in the fun. Looking forward to many more wrapping paper decorating with both my girls. Tomorrow is the school’s birthday and we were asked to buy CD’s as presents for the school. We did hand prints for the wrapping paper today.

paint2paint1 paint4And viola…paint3



Painted T’s

A while ago I made my diva a Big sister t-shirt to wear at the hospital at the birth of her baby sister. Today was a rainy day and to keep my divas occupied I thought I’d do a re-run of this activity, as my niece has not done something like this before. They each got out of their cupboard a plain t-shirt. I clipped it to a clipboard with pegs, so it wont move around and gave them the fabric paint and brush to draw whatever they desire. It was a sure hit.




And My diva modeled her latest creation for me.december8

Butterfly garland

My diva had a heart garland hanging on her bed that has seen better days. so I decided we must make a new one. IMG_2994

What you need:

  • I’m making 4 butterflies so 4 thick paper stock
  • acrylic paint ( in your desired colour )
  • butterfly templates 
  • One eager toddler
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon

how to:

it was such a stunning day outside that we did this craft out side. I gave my diva the paint. she choose which colours and which betterfly must have which colour.November

once painted we waited for it to get dry. and I cut out the butterflies.IMG_2977 IMG_2984

then I punched holes on either sides thread through the ribbon and hanged it.IMG_2994

Chalkboard cup

As i recently did some craft with chalkboard paint i thought why not try it on a cup and surprise my diva with random drawings. Not that i’m any piccasso.

I took a normal plastic drinking cup and marked out a block with some masking tape. and painted the marked off space with the chalkboard paint.IMG_2730


My diva loves the shapes i draw for her. IMG_2735

P.S this is not meant for dishwasher. It will hold up with light handwashing.

Flower on Canvas

Today my diva asked so nicely whether she could paint. And how can you say no to such a request. So I got out a canvas and some acrylic paints. With sellotape i tried to stencil out a flower. And gave her the canvas to paint on.Collages21IMG_8785Taking her painting oh so seriously..Collages22After it dried she then got to peel off the sticky tape. And she was very proud of her handy work that it had to go up on the wall immediately.

Holiday Activities

This holiday i didnt want to be out and about every single day. As that can get very expensive and be extremely tiring. And as i had 2 divas to entertain i decided to reuse some of the activities i did with My little diva at home and some water fun as well to keep them occupied.

1. Get out the water hose & sprinkler attachment.
December 2013Collages23Such an easy and basic thing will keep the littlies occupied for a very long time.

2. Salt dough shapesDecember 20132 Collages28I let them make quite a few so that they can paint a few every other day. Even let them make their handprints.

3. Painting Salt dough shapes

Every other day he painted a few shapes. These photos are of them painting their handprints.IMG_1583 IMG_1590 IMG_1594Collages30

4. Playing in the poolIMG_1559 IMG_1480-2 Collages22 Collages19

5. Facepainting crayons ( my diva’s fav activity)December 20131Collages24 Collages25

6. Dancing in the rain

And if it is raining on a hot summers day. why not dance in the rain.IMG_1395IMG_1391So there you have it. who says staying indoors while on holiday has to be boring?

Rubber stamp update

After wrapping all my christmas pressie. Yes i’m that organised 😉 Just joking. we will be leaving to go visit the family over the festive season so the pressies has to be wrapped before we leave.  So tried out my rubber stampsIMG_1234 IMG_1236Oh and for those who do not know the wrapping paper is courtesy of my diva. We have not bought any wrapping paper since we started this little tradition of her decorating wrapping paper.