Chocolate easter eggs

This weekend we decorated hard white shell chocolate easter eggs. Took some trail and error because my original idea of dyeing the egg different colours in food colouring didnt work.IMG_8575What we ended up doing was to paint the chocolate egg with gel food colouring.Collages12 but soon realised that the gel colouring had a very bitter taste on its own. So i thought well why not dunk the egg to wet the powedery shell and see if the edible glitter wont stick to it.Collages13I put the egg in a whisk so my diva can handle it better. And then when the outer powdery shell was soggy we added the edible glitter to the egg. As soon as we dipped the eggs we started using the gel food colouring , the colours became a soft palette so look quite nice especially the ones with more than 1 colour. then we added the sparkly pink edible glitter.Collages14Collages15IMG_8567And then best of all was eating the end result.IMG_8583 easter1IMG_8595