DIY Wrapping paper

I know i have posted about our wrapping paper tradition. But what makes this special is the fact that my youngest has now started to join in the fun. Looking forward to many more wrapping paper decorating with both my girls. Tomorrow is the school’s birthday and we were asked to buy CD’s as presents for the school. We did hand prints for the wrapping paper today.

paint2paint1 paint4And viola…paint3



DIY wrapping paper with stamps

I like to try various types of things to decorate the wrapping paper with and not just hand prints. This past weekend we attended a birthday party and i got rubber stamps for my diva to try her hand at. She immediately fell in love with the cupcake stamp. I decided on purple as the theme of the party was Barney.IMG_2736 - Copy IMG_2794

End of year Teacher Appreciation gift

To day is my divas last day for the year at her creche and just to say a token of thank you to her teacher we did a little something to show how much we appreciate their hard work. I made biscuits but what makes the gift so special was that the container was our little DIY project.IMG_1166What you’ll need:IMG_1132

  • Small tins
  • Craft glue
  • White stock paper
  • Craft glue
  • Marker
  • craft/acryllic paint

How you do it:

Cut white paper to the size of your tin. You can actually make any drawings but we decided to make christmas lights. so with the marker draw a curly string from one side to another. And then let my diva dip her fingers in the paint and use the fingerprint as the bulb for the christmas lights.IMG_1135I added the curly squigles to join the “bulb” to the line. When dry glue the paper to the tin.IMG_1159I made home made biscuits to be roughly the size of the tin.IMG_1153Insert buiscuits in tin and tie them with a pretty ribbon.


DIY Alphabet Letter stamp

I For christmas gift wrapping i came a cross this cute idea on Pinterest 80713018292078282_VW8KlSBs_cI looked high and low for alphabet letter stamps but couldnt found any. And a few ladies recommended i use craft foam letters. It was easy enough to find the lettering at any craft shop and here is my DIY.

What you’ll need:IMG_0019

  • Craft foam alphabet letters
  • Styrofoam squares
  • Modge Podge

How To:

I firstly only use the letters i need for the names. i left out rare letters like X & V but in future if i need them i’ll just add them. Then put modge on the squares and paste the letters mirrored (backwards) to the square so that when you use the stamp the letter is in the correct way. and let dry.IMG_0025Now i just have to use it.. will let you know how it works out


DIY wrapping paper

December ’11 i had a brilliant idea to incorporate My diva into the presents. I decided to buy plain paper and let her paint on it to make our very own wrapping paper that we can wrap the families gifts in. It was a huge hit with all the family members. And we have now for the whole of 2012 been doing this. I have bought a roll of plain white paper. and depending on what my divas preference of craft things is has made wrapping paper. Last week we went to a birthday party and she decorated the paper with glue glitter and feathers. this week we are going to another birthday party and i decided to do painting a bit differently. I recycled and reused some old underarm roll on containers. I cleaned out the container and threw in some craft paint. It had a easy handle to grip. and all she needed to do was roll the container over the page. was actually the cleanest form of painting he have done thus far. I used pink and purple paint on the sheet of white paper. Its best for the paint to be a bit runny. For an easier application.

It was definately a new experience for her to paint like this but she loved it.

Well i helped to draw the flowers. And once she felt she had drawn enough we let it dry. and then wrapped the present.