Kids Crafts Corner

I will list all my crafts on this page with the links for quick reference. As I know sometimes you do not want to scroll through pages and pages of crafts

Fun Foods

  1. Biscuit Fudge
  2. Coconut Nests
  3. Colourfull muffins

Sensory Activities

  1. Sensory Bottles
  2. Cutting with scissors

Using Paints

  1. Leave Painting
  2. Toilet paper roll painting
  3. Egg shell art
  4. Canvas painting for photowall
  5. Handprint on tie
  6. DIY wrapping paper with underarm deodarant container
  7. Canvas Christmas tree
  8. DIY Wrapping paper using stamps
  9. Body Painting
  10. Mothersday Flowers
  11. Flower Canvas

Toddler Crafting

  1. Popsicle stick photo frame
  2. Mother’s day Flower basket
  3. Toddler necklace and bangle
  4. Toddler Christmas tree
  5. Pom Pom frame
  6. Salt dough: Christmas tree decorations
  7. Toddler rings
  8. Salt dough: hand and foot print
  9. Growing Grass
  10. Magic Beans
  11. Pipe cleaner craft

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