Hello winter!!!!

Winter has finally arrived at our door step and I have been going boot crazy as there is a local store that has the most darling little boots for my diva. I realise now why she is such a shoe diva. Whenever she sees pretty shoes. I swear so far all the shoes that she has shown me in the shop is the most gorgeous little shoes, she will go “Mommy pretty” or Oooh siesiesie!!!” (meaning pretty). She has more gorgeous boots than me..LOL

Here is her growing collection. As i have my eyes on a few more of those boots at that shop.To make the denim shoe shot look more naturalon the brick wall i threw some dead leaves around them. Well my diva saw this and immediately set up her grey pair of boots for the shot. She put the grey boots down next to this little tree on the wall and then threw clumps of leaves around the shoe. So this is how her shoe shot were set up. I swear this is all her. My blooming photoshoot stylist.

I couldnt resist getting a mommy and daughter boot shot.

And ofcourse no shoot is complete without taking some magnificent photos of my little diva in action. Now it wasnt raining but as i left her “camera” at home and she threw a massive tantrum when i whipped out my camera she started screaming “my photo” which she says when she wants her camera. I had a umbrella in the car and had to distract her by giving her that to hold. Actually made for nice photos in the end.