Glitter T-shirts

My girls are loving the new t-shirts they have been painting. And I thought of changing it up a little  from the normal fabric paint as i have fabric glue and tons of glitter. So the glitter t-shirt idea was born,

All you need is a Plain t-shirt, fabric glue and glitter, maskingtape or stencil. I outlined a Christmas tree with masking tape.0

Then gave each girl their own fabric glue in a container and told them to apply the glue inside the lines. and as you finish a section you sprinkle your glitter.


Then we let it dry.

Once it is dried we remove the masking tape.3

and your picture is done.  I cant wait to get my hands on different stencils to retry it. My girls loved their sparkly glittery t-shirts.4


DIY piggy (cow) bank

A while ago with one of the kiddies meals at a restaurant we got this DIY piggy bank which is actually in a shape of a cow.  The girls were bored therefore i got it out and let them paint it. It came with its own paint and brush.


I’m definately keep these paint holders for future use. was nice to not have the girls fighting over sharing paints.

2 3 4 5

Here is the end result:


I love it…