Mother’s day

With all the party planning i have been doing for the last few weeks i never got to post about my very special mothers day that my hubby and sweet daughter did for me.My little Diva brought me a hand made card they made at creche. though i’m sure the teacher did all the colouring in as this is way too neat. but its special none the less for me.

Sunday morning started off with my hubby fetching my dear daughter and i couldnt come out of the room. he had to put the finishing touches on the card with her. They suprised me with a pressie and 2 gorgeous cards. The pressie was these gorgeous plush slippers i so dearly needed. You wont believe but the last time i bought slippers was with the birth of Mbali so that is literally 2 years ago so I was in dire need of new ones. But you know us mommies, keep postponing to buy something new for yourself because the kiddie needs something.

The message:“Eventhough you dont always understand my language, my hair, my moods I know you always put me first”.

The dh made the flowers that was on the card into a “a” for her name just like in my signiture for my photography logo. So sweet. So this is the finishing touches they were making so early in the morning.

Dh made us a 5star breakfast. we spend a cosy day indoors and then later the evening we went out for supper. Perfect end to a perfect day..


Mothers day flowers

as Mothersday is on Sunday i thought i’d share a little craft me and Mbali did and sent off to the grandparents. It is a little paper flower basket.

What you need

How to make

Print out the flower basket template on white paper stock. let your little one colour in the flowers on the paperstock. (my diva cant colour in the lines yet so she went wild painting the flowers). for extra prettiness through glitter on the wet paint and let it dry. Once dry cut out the the flower shapes.

stick the pipecleaner gently through the middle of the flower, bent the tip of the pipecleaner down. put some craft glue over the pipe cleaner and stick the pom pom down and let dry. Also stick the leaves to the pipecleaner and let dry.

forĀ  basket glue the cut out in a cone shape and glue the long stip as the handle and let dry before use.