Teaching kids photography: Lesson 1 – Framing

My diva got a kids camera for her 4th birthday from her grandfather as she loves taking photos. She has a toy camera that she takes out every chance she gets. When I first gave her the camera and she just went wild like she does with the toy camera. just snapping everything and nothing. I realized that maybe its better if I gave her some structure to how to use this real camera.

The First lesson I then came up with was framing. Choose a subject and make sure the subject is in your LCD screen. To start off this exercise I took photo frame and took out its contents and explained to her that she must choose what she want to photograph and then hold the frame so that what she choose is inside the frame.

Once I showed her I sent her off around the garden to do the same and surprisingly enough she quickly grasped the concept.

1 2

Once she was confident with this concept, I gave her the camera again and showed her how the frame she just used was the same as her LCD Screen on her camera.  And if she wants to take a photo of something the subject must appear on the screen. As I was explaining this, my littlest Diva decided she also needs some practice in framing as she saw what her big sister did.


Once again I then sent her off but this time with her camera. To capture what ever her heart desired. It was so cute to see the things she decided to photographed. from sand to trees to dandelions.4


Here is her results: ( note its still very blurry we will still get to the standing still to take a picture)




Then we moved to the backyard.

7Her result:




Her Result:


And this I think is my absolute favourite of the day.


Her Result:


All in all I have to say that this lesson was a huge success.

Next lesson. How to stand still when taking a photo.