Happy Father’s Day

My girls were very hard at work this last week in helping to get the fathers day presents done and wrapped.

1. My Daddy can fix anything sign.1

I did a little interview with my diva to see how she saw her daddy. And with the question ” what does daddy like to do” she answered ” Daddy likes to build my play house” Dh is busy building a play village for them in the back yard and renovating the wendy house. So this gave me my hint for the first present, a sign for dad’s tool shed. I wanted her to write a sign but as she is only 4 and cant write yet this was bit of a challenge. I decided to let her trace easy letters and i will write the rest. I got tracing activities for the F, X, I,Y. she already knew how to write her initial M. Every day we did a letter. The sign read “My daddy can fix anything.

I hot glued ice-cream sticks together and added some bits like nails and washers i found in the shed.

2. Super dad card4I bought a superman mug and came across this idea for a card. and thought it was absolutely superb for the mug idea.

3. Father Photo’s

5A few years ago when it was just My eldest i made a DAD collage. Dh wanted a dad sign in his mother tongue Xhosa. so as a surprise we did just this. I had very uncooperative baby that day but managed to get the shots.

And just a little behind the scene photos if you think my kids are always camera ready. Majority of the time as soon as i step away from her to take the photo that day she broke out the water works. so getting those 2 shots for the collage was a little miracle.1