Puzzle Tea party

We have started a reward system where my Diva had to do chores and collect gold coins for each chore. At the end of the week  we tally all the coins. I have a reward box with all sorts of things like necklaces, puzzles, etc i try to keep as close to the price i bought it for. So she then “pay” for the reward with her coins. This sometimes means she has to save a week or 2 to get a big ticket reward.

Last month she  wanted the Monster High floor size puzzle and had to save 2-3 weeks coins. And when I knew she would have the full amount for it I decided to throw a puzzle tea party.  Where everything will be puzzle related.

16I ordered puzzle biscuits from Mmm Macaron. She made hearts , Teacups, teapots and teaspoons.

puzzle biscuitsMy girls love strawberries so that was a must.1The days leading up to the Tea party I printed a puzzle template. I asked the girls to colour it in so i can cut it out and use it as decoration.217I also had our play tea party cakes out.4I told my diva she can invite 3 bear friends, she choose Lala, Mr Cuddles & Purple Poweration. so while i was setting up she dressed herself and her friends for the occasion.

18I had a few activities before getting to the big one.

1. Blank Puzzles. My divas could make there own puzzles buy drawing their own pictures on. Though i will have to get something like permanent markers as the surface wasnt crayon friendly.672. Puzzles. I just gathered up a few of their puzzles for them to pick and choose from.

83. Popsicle stick Puzzles. I printed photos of my divas hot glue them to Popsicle sticks and then cut it up.5The for the main event, she had to count out her coins and “pay” for the Monster High Puzzle.

19Then the fun and games began putting this big puzzle together.

91011Then when the puzzle was done it was time to indulge in all the treats.1312after all of that i had very tired girls who took a well deserved long nap.14


Dress up tea party

This weekend is my only weekend off from my busy schedule of photoshoots. To make it special i decided to do a Tea party with my little divas. I ordered some felt cakes from Little bit of everything.

2 3 1-2It was very overcast day but set up in the garden anyways. Hanging some decor and ribbons in the trees.7 4I told My eldest she can invite 4 teddy friends and she invited Pooh bear, Violet, Purple Poweration and Rainbow. The were also dressed to a T. Pooh bear had a bow tie, and the girls had on tutu’s. 6-2I also set up a dress up basket where they could choose what to wear.12then they enjoyed chocolate dipped strawberries and red velvet mini cupcakes. The girls loved the straws for the Mini strawberry milk.13 5and after the teaparty we did a photobooth. I set up the tripod and remote.

9-210-2it started raining just as we started packing up. But all in all it was an absolute blast of an teaparty as even my littlest diva also enjoyed herself

Because i was there

Soon they grow up and you forget the little mundane things. I realised this with my first diva. So I’m starting up my self portrait project with my girls.Just every day moments like feeding and burping changing diapers and swaddling her.august1IMG_9508Collages10Collages8

My eldest diva loved the fact that she got to press the camera remote. even though i tried telling her to hide it before the camera go off. she was not fast enough. but it made her feel so big and important to do this little task. Love it

New Addition

As you probably can see i have been very scarces lately. Our household has been very busy with my photography business picking up because of the festive season and part that I’m exhausted all the time.. Why you may ask well!!!!!Yip we are expecting a new arrival on the 7th May 2013. We have just hit 15weeks and into my 2nd trimester so energy levels are picking up and already looking into christmas art to make for the festive season. So watch this space.

Going to the Zoo

I have been to quite a few Zoo’s and not that fond of them as all the animals are usually in cages. So i was looking into a petting zoo that i could take my diva so she can get up close and personal with the animals. As she is quite scared of live animals as we do not have dogs or cats. She will admire them from afar but will run like the wind as soon as one even strolls her way. And as luck would have it a site called Groupon  was selling voucher deals to Kinderplaas Zoo translation “child farm zoo”. And when i looked it up i saw it was like 10min away from where i stayed. So i know with a place with “child” in its name it would definately be child friendly and the open 7days a week, which suited me fantastically as i could only go on a Saterday or Sunday. And compared to any other Zoo their entrance fee is dirt cheap at R15.
So Sonday Morning off me and my diva go to see the animals. Its in a suburb. But the inside of the Zoo has a real farmyard feel. We waited for a bit in their Teagarden as we were the first to arrive and the staff were still getting everything ready. My diva had a blast as the teagarden already had an array of  a cat, dog, chickens and bunnies running around, which warmed her up to the animal experience.

Then it was off to the farmyard. The owner told me that its a real experience to feed the animals as when you come in with the feed all the animals come towards you. And i didnt want my diva to have a coronary on the spot so i first took her in to get the lay of the land. so all the animals. Chickens, pigs, duck, bunnies, peacocks, etc were just strolling around with not a care in the world. I could take much photos with her glued to my hip so i put her down on these cutie pie little seats so she could safely get use to the animals from a distance.

And once she was comfortable we started walking around identifying all the animals she already knows from her books and what sounds they make. She had the most amazing look on the face when they actually make the sounds that we know they make.There is such a wide range of farm animals here. which makes for a great experience.

She was just so fascinated with all the animals especially the Bunnies.  The Donkey even gave us a great show by making his donkey sound. It was loud and so noisy and my diva first got a fright but pretty soon enjoyed the sound and was immitating it. So after her being more at ease walking around i went to go buy her the bucket of feed which is only R15. It has a carrot some leaves and a packet of seeds.Though i had to do all the feeding to the animals my diva watched with an open mouth at how the animals ate and even started telling me which animal i had to give the food too. I then showed her how to through the seeds. she loved throwing the seeds but she didnt threw it far enough so all the chicken came flocking to her feet. And that she wasnt too happy about. I had to pick her up. So now from the safety of her moms arms she was happy again to throw seeds  for the chickens eventhough its directly on my feet.And the view from ontop where the animals where eating the seeds at my feet..LOLI then taught her how to throw the seeds further away so that the animals would go eat away from her and only when she realised this is a better way to go she allowed me to put her down and she then fed the chickens on her own.So when it was time to go we said our goodbyes to all the animals and my diva especially said a very long goodbye to the donkey. Guess she grew fond of him.This was such a great experience at the Kinderplaas Zoo. Definately an activity I would recommend for all families in around Pretoria. The staff is super friendly and the animals too. no fear of animals hurting the little ones. Will have to bring my niece here when she comes to visit again. And will definately take my diva here again she had a blast.

Going to the Movies

Finally some animations on the big screen for my little diva to watch. Week before last we went to go watch Madagascar4 which she stayed glued to her seat for the whole entire movie and now Ice Age 4. She is not too big of a fan of Ice Age, she ended sitting on my lap for most of the movie. but one thing she loves about going to the movies is having the popcorn. Me and her was suppose to share the popcorn on this trip but she hogged it most of the time.

Train to Cullinan

I wanted to make fathersday extra special this year. As hubby has been such an awesome partner and daddy. I could never imagine myself going through this journey alone. There is nothing ever that is a mommy only job..Ok maybe the only thing he will give a miss is helping our diva eat supper in the evening as some days she is so fussy i normally end up either making food twice for her as she doesnt like what i made the first time or its a whole coaxing execise where everything gets dipped in tomatoe sauce. But he will do everything from diaper change well now that she is potty trainined it means washing little panties, which in the beginning he said never ever but he has since then changed his tune as we want to teach our little diva how to wash her own panties.

So this year for fathers day i wanted to step away from the boring just going out for lunch and supper and planned a day trip out of town to Cullinan. that with the car its about 45min drive but with the train it was a 2hour drive. We would have breakfast on the train and I planned croissants and hot chocolate for breakfast as it was a chilly morning. I couldnt find regular size croissants so got miniture croisants that was about 10cm big. and my my diva loved them with cheese. for breakfast she had 3 croissants. She ate croisants whole day.My diva was so excited as it was her first time in a moving transport and not being strapped into a carseat. She was really besides herself.and hubby managed to take a few of me too.. Its nice having some proof that i was also there and not just always be beind the lens.My diva was just a energizer bunny. all over the place.and i knew i couldnt not be prepared for this journey so i had to bring along some supplies. i brought some building block which actually turned out pretty exciting for her as there is not just the alphabet on them there was little drwaing of things she recognises like apple and doggy, etc and this kept her quite busy for a while identifying everything on the blocks. I also brought one of the magnetic photoframes with and some craft things for her to make a fathersday frame for her daddy which she loved and enjoyed. She is getting to be a real pro now.i just gave her the letters in order and she put them so nicely next to each other.

We did a little sight seeing around Cullinan. It is really not a big town we walked the mainstreet with its stalls in less than 30minutes. but it was bubbling with life as there were plus minus 400 people with us on the train. I think if we came any other time it would have been very quiet.and with all the excitement of the train ride she had a very early nap for the day. but it was ok she napped while we prepared the food. We had our own little braai.Then when she woke the food was almost ready for lunch and she gave daddy a helping hand.And after lunch and all her sweets she could play it off at the playground. Then after such an eventful day we were back on the train and everyone was so tired.