Chalkboard Baubles

Christmas time has arrived again and we took out the decorations. Last year we made our own Chalkboard Bauble. This year it was time to enjoy the baubles. I gave each of my girls a few baubles that they could draw on. They had so much fun.

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Button Craft

In the spirit of Christmas I decided we must make Christmas tree canvases to put up in the house. I had some canvases My diva painted a while ago but didn’t really come out the way I wanted she had her own vision for them. IMG_4617

I drew the outline of the trees and fil it with craft glue so that they can glue the buttons in the form of a tree.IMG_4619 december5 december4

We also made stars. So now we have Christmas pictures to be put up around the house.IMG_4748

Beaded Candy Canes

We made beaded candy canes today. all you need is clear beads and different colour pipecleaners. Cut pipe cleaner in desired length. Then curl the end of pipe cleaner so that beads wont be pulled out. then thread the beads onto the pipe cleaner.IMG_4514


Once beads are threaded bend over open end so that beads cannot come out. the different colour pipe cleaners now shows through the clear beads.IMG_4536

Bend pipe cleaner to look like a candy cane.IMG_4543

and hang on the tree.Collages22

Chalkboard Baubles

My niece is visiting so in attempt to keep the divas busy I have lined up a string of activities for them to do over the weeks leading up to Christmas. and its all Christmas related activities. Today we made chalkboard paint baubles. I still had some left over chalk board paint in the colours of our Christmas tree. Pink and Purple ( my diva’s favourite colours). I bought some really cheap ugly baubles ( as we were going to paint over them). IMG_4794

Gave each child 3 balls to paint ( 3pink and 3 purple.)december1

Then hang them to let them dry. Once they were dry I gave the baubles to my niece to put on second coat while my diva is sleeping as she paints more evenly.IMG_4828

wait till second coat is dry ( I dried them over night)IMG_5003 they can then start drawing on the balls.Collages23 Collages22


All that is left now is to hang it up in the tree. I told them they can even take it off and draw on it every day. This was a real fun activity.


Christmas stockings

I have postponed this craft for over a year. I wanted t do this last year but never gotten around to it. so when I was busy unpacking my craft box I came across the burlap stocking I bought last year at the R5 store. IMG_3656 I liked the burlap idea as it is not a common material you see stocking made in. but didn’t like the tree so much so that had to go. At the time I was still pregnant. and bought 2 because I wanted to do this for both my daughters. But like I said I just never gotten around to it.

I found an idea I liked and decided to do it before I forget.IMG_3751

What you need:

  • Stocking
  • Felt
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • circle shapes

How to:

I first tore off the Christmas tree on the stocking. it came off quite easily. Then looked for the perfect size shape in my kitchen. took some trial and error. I drew circles on a piece of paper of different objects. Cut them out and placed them on the stocking. and my cookie cutters seem to be the perfect sizes. I also used a bottle cap for the smallest size.IMG_3720

then I traced the shape onto the pieces of left over felt I had. I needed three circles of each size. All in all I had 18 circles of different sizes to make 6 flowers.IMG_3673

and cut them all out.IMG_3690

I then stacked them in 3’s to cut out little “V” to resemble flower petals. when cutting I placed the smaller circle on top to see how deep I have to cut the “V”. IMG_3694

Next step was to assemble the flower. I glued the smaller circle ontop of the larger one in alternating the colours.IMG_3728

When the glue dried I glued them onto the burlap stocking. I choose different styles as I wanted the kids to be able to differentiate between their stockings.


(only after taking this picture I realized it would look better without the red string.)


Holiday Activities

This holiday i didnt want to be out and about every single day. As that can get very expensive and be extremely tiring. And as i had 2 divas to entertain i decided to reuse some of the activities i did with My little diva at home and some water fun as well to keep them occupied.

1. Get out the water hose & sprinkler attachment.
December 2013Collages23Such an easy and basic thing will keep the littlies occupied for a very long time.

2. Salt dough shapesDecember 20132 Collages28I let them make quite a few so that they can paint a few every other day. Even let them make their handprints.

3. Painting Salt dough shapes

Every other day he painted a few shapes. These photos are of them painting their handprints.IMG_1583 IMG_1590 IMG_1594Collages30

4. Playing in the poolIMG_1559 IMG_1480-2 Collages22 Collages19

5. Facepainting crayons ( my diva’s fav activity)December 20131Collages24 Collages25

6. Dancing in the rain

And if it is raining on a hot summers day. why not dance in the rain.IMG_1395IMG_1391So there you have it. who says staying indoors while on holiday has to be boring?