Because I was there 2..

5th December 2013

It has been ages since i have updated on my project. Though I have not been as actively doing this project i am still now and again take photos with my girls. here are a few when my diva² was only 2 months oldJune 20131 IMG_9652

Both My girls has the same lines that makes an “M” on their hands i did the same photo with my first diva when she was just a few days old.

august1 IMG_9508 Collages10

Collages81375786_10202221224911277_1801304239_n 935948_10202221211110932_522254566_n 598592_10202221209590894_1786555986_n 539754_10202221213670996_1626695250_n


Week 10

As i take weekly bump photos my diva decided she will help me take photo of my bump. How i wish we had local suppliers that made rugged child cameras. Would love to see the world from her view.IMG_8649We had car trouble and we could go to school and work so me and my little diva had a mommy daughter day at home.Collages17

Its so rare that my diva curls up with me on the couch as she is always a busy bee. so when she did today i grabbed my camera  to capture it.

Collages18Week 9Collages16

Easter weekend we did some crafts decorating chocolate eggs. So i thought id sneak into the pic via the mirror. 🙂IMG_8560Week 8

Being pregnant has put me on an emotional roller coaster and today was one of those emotional days that i just couldn’t face the world. so i took a sick day and became a couch potato. I’m 31weeks.31weeks

Sunday was family day. and we went for a family outing. March 20134 IMG_7265


It was Dh’s Birthday and we spend the Sunday afternoon interacting with gentle giants.March 2013 IMG_6737 Collages97

The photos taken of me i have to confess dh took the camera to show i was there too. The one of dh and me, I put at the end of the table to get a snap. My diva was a bit headstrong and refused to join us in a family picture. But its nice to have photos of just dh and me as we hardly have photos together.IMG_6856

Week 6

On Friday we all drove to work together so i thought this the perfect opportunity to rope dh into our project. I wanted a photo of me dropping our diva at creche. So from Inside the car dh took this photo.IMG_6192

My diva has become so clingy the last few weeks. I think she is sensing the bending change that will be happeneing in about 2months. The arrival of her baby sister. and i realise that in these next few months i would have to spend as much time as possible with her. So i have been drastically scaling down my photoshoots and spending my quality time with her. This weekend we spend a whole afternoon doing puzzles.because i was there 21What made this such an awesome time together. I let her help take the photos. I set up the tripod and settings set it on Manual focus and showed her where to press. I didnt have a second camera to take her so my crappy cell phone camera had to little photographermy little photographer2She had so much fun pressing the button and running to be in the shot. This is one of the photo’s she ended up taking.Mbali took this photo


We got home early and as I did not have any backlog in editing me and my diva sat and watched Tinkerbell. and I just love how my diva wants to use me as a jungle gym when we watch TV.Collages88 Collages89


On our way to school i took a quick photo of My diva in the car. IMG_5204

Its so hard to get dh involved but I managed to capture this lazy Sunday infront of the tv.IMG_5315

Week 3

My weekly bump photo. 26weeks and counting.IMG_4351 IMG_4356My diva sitting and chilling on our shopping trip. She just loves her shades so i managed to get this one in the rear-view mirror.IMG_5078

IMG_5085Just spending a lazy Sunday afternoon with my little princess. We are really loving our little project.because i was there1Collages78I was doing an event this past weekend and since it started late i had some minutes to kill and i captured these few of me.IMG_3551 IMG_3516


I am very self conscious as i do not have a super model body so would rather be behind the camera than in front but have seen how this could mean hardly any photos with my diva. So hoping that this project will help me get over some of my hang ups and show my diva and future diva that i was there too, enjoying life with the. Even though my dh said its staged moments.

I take weekly baby bump photos to keep a diary, so this week I incorporated my diva into the photo. I’m 25weeks in this one.25weeks (3)During this pregnancy and the last my feet got very swollen so thought i’d take a photo of them. and i couldn’t resist in having my little divas tootsies next to mine.IMG_3310This is during Bathtime. I dont get alot of chances to do bathtime as me and DH has an arrangement, who ever is home first cooks and the other takes care of bathtime. So as I’m always home first and cooks DH does bath time. So on the weekends I love doing bathtime with my Diva.because i was thereOn Sunday After my photo shoots we spend a lazy day at home and me and my diva felt like being silly pulling funny faces. Collages57And what week would be complete without taking a few photos of my little diva.Collages61

Week 1

Last year i was starting a project ” because i was there 2″. I wanted to include myself with my family more but someway along the line the project fell off the wagon as I had to much on my plate.  But i have been so inspired by this blog to start  up this project and want to be in full swing come May 2013 when my new diva² arrive. as I was looking through my first diva’s baby photos i’m in only a few photos. Most of them in my newborn shoot which was done by another photographer.

So this weekend I tried it and my goodness but it is hard. i never worked so hard in my life to get a single perfect shot. The running to and from the camera with preggie belly was absolutely tiring. But i know it might be hard in the begining but i’m sure it will get easier as time goes by. But note to self: Get a remote trigger.

I’ll start off with atleast piccies on the weekend and work myself up to daily “because I was there too” photos.

In this photo  we went to a party at a farm venue where i was trying to get a photo of me holding the bucket of feed and my diva periodically coming to get the feed to feed the pigs, ducks and bunnies.IMG_3080

On Sunday we had a very lazy day. I had no shoots. and me and my diva decided to stay in bed a bit late.IMG_3146

And later the afternoon, as it was a  chilli day we all got under the covers curled up infront of the TV and watched some movies.IMG_3165


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