Exercise with Kids {Toddler Dice}

I honestly cant fit a workout at the gym into my day. its just not realist for us. Therefore I started searching for exercises to do with the girls. Its better than nothing right? Well i came across this blog and thought this was a brilliant and i was definately going to try it.

I tried alot of different options to make the box but what ultimately worked for me was a baby toy blocks. they are light and bouncy.I sprayed them with Rust-oleum Chalkboard Spray. the chalkboard means i can change the instructions as we wish.1I choose to make 3 blocks. 2 to give directions and one to give me the number of repetitions. 2Then I took it for a test drive. Each girl got a chance to roll the Dye.3 6Then time to read what we need to do.4 7

Then hop to it.5We had an absolute blast trying to do some of the instructions, e.g jumping side ways, trying to march and skip at the same time, Kick backwards, fast marching. We loved every min of it and actually work up a bit of a sweat.

Can definately squeeze in 20mins of this into our day.


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