Milk Experiment

My girls teacher notified us that this weeks theme at school is blue object and i got a brain spark to do the milk experiment as we have blue food colouring.1

I have done this craft before a few years ago and now that my youngest can actively participate in such experiments I decided to give it a go. My eldest was too young to remember it.

I gave them a bowl with milk a few drops of blue food colouring in it. Each got a food skewer and a little bit of dish washing liquid in a separate container. You dip the skewer in the dish washing liquid and then dip stick in the milk and watch how the food colouring moves in all direct away from the skewer.237465


Messy play

This Sunday morning I found the moon sand in the cupboard i made last year and was pleasantly surprised it is still exactly how i left it when i put it away. Might need to top it up soon but it was still soft and fluffy and mouldable.


My girls of course didn’t remember it as it was quite a few months since we used it and had a absolute blast rediscovering the moon sand.3 4 26 1