Travel countdown

My daughters dont really have a sense of time yet therefore i always before a trip or a big day i do a count down calender for them. This will be the first roadtrip my eldest will actually remember now that she is 4.5yrs as the last time we did a roadtrip she was 2yrs old. Well my 1.5yr old is oblivious to it all she is just enjoying the actiities that goes with the count down calender.

I planned an activity for every day got colour-in images for each and printed it. so each day they will colour an activity.8

  • 4 More sleeps to go: Nail painting
  • 3 More sleeps to go: Movie day
  • 2 More sleeps to go: TMNT Day
  • 1 More sleeps to go : Packing
  • No more sleeps to go: Roadtrip!!!!

4 More sleeps to go: Nail painting

We haven’t done nail painting in ages. I decided it was time we did it again. we sat in the garden and i got all types of nail polish and nail art. And eventhough it was not peel off nail polish i let my girls go wild painting their nails. 0



I did our toes all red and my girlies loved their sparkly red toes.


3 More sleeps to Go: Movie day

We have a couple of movies the girls has not seen. I set up the lounge like a cinema. popped some popcorn and we were good to go.




2 More sleeps to go: TMNT Day

My eldest is obsessed with Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles. So who says girls cant be turtles. And as pizza is my divas favourite thing to eat and ofcourse its the turtles favourite too. What better way than to make a turtle theme pizza lunch.1

2431 more sleep to go: Packing Day

Today was packing day as its the day before our roadtrip. i did most of the packing but the girles could decide on their favourite shoes and dresses that must go in. Suprisingly i went quite quick an we had the rest of the day free.1 2as we had the rest of the day to our leisure i got out the face painting crayons so my girls could get a bit creative.

6 5 4Mommy trying her best creative skills:

7Our selfie with my phone. Not the best of quality picture but cherish it. My girls drew a flower on my face.

selfieNo more sleeps to go: ROADTRIP!!!!!!!

Its the day my girls been patiently waiting for. Let the fun begin


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