Craft Lampshades

I have been in decorating mode this last few weeks and was looking for something unique to add to each of my girls rooms. As we love crafts i wanted to incorporate our love for crafts but didnt want to do another canvas or non functional item. I wanted something that serves a purpose but still show the creativity. And then i cam across this lampshade post.

I had old lampshades that almost made the trash that day as i replaced it with new ones.beforeI decided to paint the stand white with craft paint. The brush gave the white paint a lovely stripy texture with i prefer over the smooth look. I had to give it about 4-5 coats to complete cover the very dark stand. then painted it with Modge Podge to seal it. The Modge gave it a nice glossy finish.

I then bought very inexpensive white lampshades made of a type of linen material. Gave them to my girls with some fabric paint to match their room decor and let their imaginations go wild.12 3 4 5 6Eldest Diva’s creation:Baby Diva’s creation:8We love the end result.and now my girls have a beautiful handmade craft in their rooms.



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