Popsicle sticks Bookmarks

This past week my diva is into Dr. Seuss books but its too long to finish the whole book in one bedtime story time so each night we read a few pages. We didn’t have any bookmarks so i decided this weekend we will make our own book marks.

I rounded up my craft box and see what we could use.1

My diva photo-bomb the picture. got to love her.

We used hot glue to stick the embellishments on the sticks. They show me where they want to stick it and i put a dab of hot glue down so that they can stick it. 2 3

and here are the end result.. Beautiful book marks.5 6

This one is little Divas bookmark. she choose everything herself to put on her bookmark i just guided here where to put it with putting the hot glue in place.4


Pavement drawings

To keep my sanity with both sick but very energetic girls at home. i gave them some chalk and we took to the driveway as it was a very hot day. I gave them carte blanche to draw what ever their hearts desired. This activity required very little interaction on my part just sat back and watch them be very creative. easiest craft ever.

18 19 20


My diva drew a Granny with very curly hair.


And her attempt at drawing our puppy Tinker22

Moon Sand

I have been wanting to make moon sand for the longest time but just never get around to it or do not have one of the ingredients. This past few days i was sick at home with diva² and thought for her not to be bored out of her mind to make the moon sand. 9

The recipe is for every 8cups of flour you add 1 cup of baby oil. To fill up the container i used 16 cups of flour and 500ml bottle of baby oil then to give it a little bit of colour i added pink and purple food colouring powder and it made a nice shade of purple and the baby oil scent was divine.810 11

She enjoyed it so much we almost spent an hour just messing with the moon sand. and also taste testing it. But sh realized it doesn’t taste as good as it look.


The the next day my first diva joined us at home and i thought I’ll would introduce her to the moon sand and it was a huge hit as well. 15 16 17

Next I will try multiple batches of sand with different colour colourings.