Popsicle Stick Puzzle

With our Puzzle Teaparty I made these DIY popsicle stick puzzles but we never gotten around to building them. 5My little Diva is sickies today but by no means quiet and peaceful so i had to keep her busy and gave her this puzzle. Its a printed photo hot glued on Popsicle sticks and then i cut between the sticks to make the puzzle.3

she had loads of fun though never got close to re-arranging the puzzle but big fun non the less.1 2


Puzzle Tea party

We have started a reward system where my Diva had to do chores and collect gold coins for each chore. At the end of the week  we tally all the coins. I have a reward box with all sorts of things like necklaces, puzzles, etc i try to keep as close to the price i bought it for. So she then “pay” for the reward with her coins. This sometimes means she has to save a week or 2 to get a big ticket reward.

Last month she  wanted the Monster High floor size puzzle and had to save 2-3 weeks coins. And when I knew she would have the full amount for it I decided to throw a puzzle tea party.  Where everything will be puzzle related.

16I ordered puzzle biscuits from Mmm Macaron. She made hearts , Teacups, teapots and teaspoons.

puzzle biscuitsMy girls love strawberries so that was a must.1The days leading up to the Tea party I printed a puzzle template. I asked the girls to colour it in so i can cut it out and use it as decoration.217I also had our play tea party cakes out.4I told my diva she can invite 3 bear friends, she choose Lala, Mr Cuddles & Purple Poweration. so while i was setting up she dressed herself and her friends for the occasion.

18I had a few activities before getting to the big one.

1. Blank Puzzles. My divas could make there own puzzles buy drawing their own pictures on. Though i will have to get something like permanent markers as the surface wasnt crayon friendly.672. Puzzles. I just gathered up a few of their puzzles for them to pick and choose from.

83. Popsicle stick Puzzles. I printed photos of my divas hot glue them to Popsicle sticks and then cut it up.5The for the main event, she had to count out her coins and “pay” for the Monster High Puzzle.

19Then the fun and games began putting this big puzzle together.

91011Then when the puzzle was done it was time to indulge in all the treats.1312after all of that i had very tired girls who took a well deserved long nap.14