Happy Father’s Day

My girls were very hard at work this last week in helping to get the fathers day presents done and wrapped.

1. My Daddy can fix anything sign.1

I did a little interview with my diva to see how she saw her daddy. And with the question ” what does daddy like to do” she answered ” Daddy likes to build my play house” Dh is busy building a play village for them in the back yard and renovating the wendy house. So this gave me my hint for the first present, a sign for dad’s tool shed. I wanted her to write a sign but as she is only 4 and cant write yet this was bit of a challenge. I decided to let her trace easy letters and i will write the rest. I got tracing activities for the F, X, I,Y. she already knew how to write her initial M. Every day we did a letter. The sign read “My daddy can fix anything.

I hot glued ice-cream sticks together and added some bits like nails and washers i found in the shed.

2. Super dad card4I bought a superman mug and came across this idea for a card. and thought it was absolutely superb for the mug idea.

3. Father Photo’s

5A few years ago when it was just My eldest i made a DAD collage. Dh wanted a dad sign in his mother tongue Xhosa. so as a surprise we did just this. I had very uncooperative baby that day but managed to get the shots.

And just a little behind the scene photos if you think my kids are always camera ready. Majority of the time as soon as i step away from her to take the photo that day she broke out the water works. so getting those 2 shots for the collage was a little miracle.1





Teachers Day

My kids school has one day during the year where the kids can spoil the teachers. They work so hard to shape these little minds that i wanted to do something special for them to show our appreciation. But not only for the teachers but everyone involved at the school in making it so successful, from the teachers assistants to the cleaners to the cooks and the substitutes and the management. I wanted to make special biscuits with a message tag ” thanks for making me 1 smart cookie”.  I contacted the baker Charlene from  MMM Macaroons that made my divas birthday cake ( because i cant bake to save my life),  I told her my idea for biscuits and she immediate had an idea for what i wanted. We decided on red apples with messages on. And it came out absolutely suberb. I love Charlene’s work.

For the teachers of each class we made a special biscuit with their name on.

12and then special messages on the other cookies for the other teachers.

3and we packaged it in a paper CD sleeve.4then it was time to deliver it at school5We also made a special gift for teacher Kirsty.  The school is expanding and their class is moving to a new classroom. so i made a door sign for Teacher Kirsty’s class. Mbali was super excited to give this gift. It was a letter “K” in the new class’s colour scheme Purple, Lime Green and Turquoise. 6I painted the letter “K” turquoise and used lime green around the edges. Bought individual wooden letters painted it purple with lime green around the edges  with a purple ribbon to hang it up.