Mbali is 4: Dora the explorer ballerina party

when i asked Mbali a few months back what cake she wanted for her Birthday. without fail she said a Dora ballerina cake. That i took as a cue for what her party theme will be. And started planning. The I knew i couldnt do this all by myself I decided to enlist the help of party planner Elana from Events by Elana. I explained to her my concept and she immediately sprang into action organising everything.

Mbali’s favourite colour is purple and then pink is a close second. So we decided to go very girly sorbet pink and purple.

1Elana had a custom frilly table cloth made to go with the ballerina theme.

2 6The Macaroons was absolutely to die for from MMM Macaroons

IMG_9341Elana’s attention to detail is absolutely astounding. I love this sign she made.

IMG_9344IMG_9347 IMG_9342 IMG_9282 IMG_9275The kids tables had a little backpack with sweetties in and a map to go on a hunt.

IMG_9286 IMG_9360 IMG_9293 IMG_9295 (I absolutely adore these picnic style tables)

The Cake was a masterpiece in itself.

5Then it was time for a bit of Dora the explorer activities. When all the kids weren’t looking we hid the cake under the table so i gathered the kids and broke the news. Mbali was distraught when she found that Swiper the fox has swiped the cake. But soon cheered up when i told her they will have to go look for the cake via the map. The venue we choose  Willow feather farm had a perfect setting for this expedition.8It read: Through the jungle gym, Pass the animal farm and then to the party house.

IMG_9478So first all the kids had to read the map.

10and the jungle gym was up next.

17after everyone went through the jungle gym it was map reading time again. and off to the farm area where the kids could feed the animals11Then the last stage was back to the party house where the cake was once again and it was singing happy birthday time.12And next was cutting the cake.IMG_926913IMG_9618Mbali was so excited when she saw the cake was purple inside. And not only did this cake look stunning but it tasted devine. You know a cake is good when at the end of the party there is almost no cake left.

15Mbali didnt even want to leave her cake alone 🙂

14Thanks to my friend Karin Meiring that attend my party and took some pics of my family so i could edit it later.



3 thoughts on “Mbali is 4: Dora the explorer ballerina party

  1. Wow what a beautiful party!!! Happy 4th birthday Mbali looks like everyone had a wonderful day. And the map was awesome. Sending birthday wishes from Australia xx

  2. Wow, I cannot you believe you had a party planner….but I guess it takes out the stress of organising it all by yourself. The party looks wonderful and you can see the little detailed things that are worth having a proper planner doing this.
    Happy Birthday to your girl.

    • Having to work a full time job. Having A part time photography business and 2 kids whose birthdays are 2 weeks apart and having to plan 4 parties in a span of that 2 weeks. I know I’m not superwoman and I need some help. I planned and executed 3 of the parties beautifully and got a planner in for the forth as I don’t have time to source everything I wanted.

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