Little diva’s 1st Birthday

we have a family tradition for the first birthday we have an intimate family picnic. We do not have any family living close to us and therefore with each birth we welcome the new baby into our family alone and because of this we have the birthday the same way as we celebrated the birth.

I wanted to make it special and tried to make some décor for the picnic. I decided on a polkadot theme as her eating mat is polkadot and she knew it was mealtime once I brought out the sheet.

I never knew it was such an impossible mission to get multi coloured polkat party things. That I ended au Diy’ing most of the décor.


I wanted to attempt a smash the cake shoot but my little diva had other plans. We recently found that she doesn’t like sweet things she is a savoury kinda girl. But I hoped that a smash cake would go down nice. But no it didn’t. she had one taste of the icing and crawled away.970303_10203926345858235_4378763781726667290_n 1979889_10203926347018264_6355391754030410268_nThis is my favourite. she almost planted her face in the cake but at the last minute decided its not for her and crawled away.


I set up my tripod and remote control to get some funny photos of us. My eldest was in charge of the remote. Made for very interesting photos.8And here is the birthday girl in her special birthday glasses.






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