Birthday countdown

May is a very busy birthday month. My Divas 4th birthday was coming up and as she is the last one to have her birthday in our household and she was so good at waiting it out while everyone else had their birthday I wanted to do a count down to her birthday and make a real big fuss about it.

I found this Christmas countdown calendar on sale at one of the shops on sale for dirt cheap.  It has 1-12 little bags which I filled with small in expensive little gifts.


Every day she opens a little bag to reveal a little gift.1 Day 12: Marshmellows


Day 11: M&M’s

I choose M&M’s because it is her initial and she now recognizes her name. So was a double treat for her to see the sweet had her name on.5Day 10: Hair Bow


Day 09: Bubbles


Day 8: Bracelet


Day 7: Fruit Dainties


Day 6: Money

Every week my diva has tuck shop day at school. So this gift was towards her tuckshop day.


Day 5: Bracelet #2


Day 4: Foam tablet (did not take a picture of the tablet but it is similar to this one)


Day 3: Bubbles #2


Day 2: Bow #2


Day 1: Happy Birthday

I put part of her birthday present in there which was a puzzle of doc McStuffins as we bought the whole Doc Mcstuffins Medical Kit.


My diva really enjoyed this and this little count down didn’t cost a arm and a leg as some of the gifts was in pairs which I could divide between days like the bows and the bubbles.






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