Ballerina Cupcake toppers

My diva has decided the wanted a Dora the explorer Party. But not just any Dora party it must be Dora the ballerina. So now i have to throw 2 parties one at school and one at home with this theme.

This craft is for school. This is ballerina toppers.I saw and loved this idea but because i cant order from this shop i decided to try and make my own. i used Foam paper for the bodice. i just roughly sketched the bodice. Or you can find a template and print it out and the trace it onto the foam paper. and cut it out. Then i hot glued toothpicks to the back of the bodice.1Next i use crepe streamers. 2I thread a needle and thread through the middle of the streamer which i cut roughly 10-15cm long so that it can go around the bodice.after threading it through i straighten the paper and fold it in half. Once folded i start rouging the paper till it cant gather no more and make a not.

Then I hot glue each strand of rouges crepe paper to the bodice. I used 2 layers per bodice.3the first couple of times was trail and error till i found the technique and it went easier from then on.


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