Chalkboard tray

i saw this idea a while ago on pinterest and had some extra cupboard doors in our storage from cupboards my dh dismantled. So this weekend i went to buy door handles and a gel stain and got working.

First i sanded off the varnish off the door with a 200grain sandpaper. This is the hardest part of this project. Once i was finished and wiped of the dust. IMG_0056I started applying the gel stain as directed. I have dark wood furniture so wanted this to fit in with all my other furniture. IMG_9272i applied about 2 coats and the end result…IMG_9239I am using the inside of the door as the right side of my tray. Once they stain was dry i covered the edges so i can spray the inside of the tray.with this Chalkboard spray.IMG_9276the result…IMG_9313The i roped dh in to put on the handles. I went for a more modern look with the handles.1


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