happy valentines day

I decided to make something
special for the teachers at my girls school. I saw the chocolate spoons to make
hot chocolate idea in Child Magazine

What you need

  • Chocolate slabs (1x 180g slab makes 10 spoons)
  • Plastic or wooden spoons
  • Sprinkles
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Cream (optional)

How to

I cut up the chocolate and melted it a bowl in the microwave in 30sec increment till melted.

Pour chocolate in spoon and the let the girls decorate spoons.  231Once spoons are cooled put in fridge till hard.IMG_9816IMG_9815I used cellophane to individually wrap the spoons and made a tag and tie it with a ribbon to the spoon.45

6My diva was so excited to be giving her teacher chocolate she made.


The original recipe states you just need one spoon per glass of milk. I tried it and to get a nice chocolaty taste you actually need 2-3spoons per teacup. So i  put that on the tag


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