Chalkboard Baubles

My niece is visiting so in attempt to keep the divas busy I have lined up a string of activities for them to do over the weeks leading up to Christmas. and its all Christmas related activities. Today we made chalkboard paint baubles. I still had some left over chalk board paint in the colours of our Christmas tree. Pink and Purple ( my diva’s favourite colours). I bought some really cheap ugly baubles ( as we were going to paint over them). IMG_4794

Gave each child 3 balls to paint ( 3pink and 3 purple.)december1

Then hang them to let them dry. Once they were dry I gave the baubles to my niece to put on second coat while my diva is sleeping as she paints more evenly.IMG_4828

wait till second coat is dry ( I dried them over night)IMG_5003 they can then start drawing on the balls.Collages23 Collages22


All that is left now is to hang it up in the tree. I told them they can even take it off and draw on it every day. This was a real fun activity.



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