Painted T’s

A while ago I made my diva a Big sister t-shirt to wear at the hospital at the birth of her baby sister. Today was a rainy day and to keep my divas occupied I thought I’d do a re-run of this activity, as my niece has not done something like this before. They each got out of their cupboard a plain t-shirt. I clipped it to a clipboard with pegs, so it wont move around and gave them the fabric paint and brush to draw whatever they desire. It was a sure hit.




And My diva modeled her latest creation for me.december8


Driveway chalk fun

Its summer now and we have very sunny days and I thought we do some fun activity outside. Writing in the driveway with chalk. we have summer rain every night and it washes away the chalk and we have a clean slate for the next day.

Collages23 Collages24 IMG_4689


Button Craft

In the spirit of Christmas I decided we must make Christmas tree canvases to put up in the house. I had some canvases My diva painted a while ago but didn’t really come out the way I wanted she had her own vision for them. IMG_4617

I drew the outline of the trees and fil it with craft glue so that they can glue the buttons in the form of a tree.IMG_4619 december5 december4

We also made stars. So now we have Christmas pictures to be put up around the house.IMG_4748

Beaded Candy Canes

We made beaded candy canes today. all you need is clear beads and different colour pipecleaners. Cut pipe cleaner in desired length. Then curl the end of pipe cleaner so that beads wont be pulled out. then thread the beads onto the pipe cleaner.IMG_4514


Once beads are threaded bend over open end so that beads cannot come out. the different colour pipe cleaners now shows through the clear beads.IMG_4536

Bend pipe cleaner to look like a candy cane.IMG_4543

and hang on the tree.Collages22

Chalkboard Baubles

My niece is visiting so in attempt to keep the divas busy I have lined up a string of activities for them to do over the weeks leading up to Christmas. and its all Christmas related activities. Today we made chalkboard paint baubles. I still had some left over chalk board paint in the colours of our Christmas tree. Pink and Purple ( my diva’s favourite colours). I bought some really cheap ugly baubles ( as we were going to paint over them). IMG_4794

Gave each child 3 balls to paint ( 3pink and 3 purple.)december1

Then hang them to let them dry. Once they were dry I gave the baubles to my niece to put on second coat while my diva is sleeping as she paints more evenly.IMG_4828

wait till second coat is dry ( I dried them over night)IMG_5003 they can then start drawing on the balls.Collages23 Collages22


All that is left now is to hang it up in the tree. I told them they can even take it off and draw on it every day. This was a real fun activity.