Christmas stockings

I have postponed this craft for over a year. I wanted t do this last year but never gotten around to it. so when I was busy unpacking my craft box I came across the burlap stocking I bought last year at the R5 store. IMG_3656 I liked the burlap idea as it is not a common material you see stocking made in. but didn’t like the tree so much so that had to go. At the time I was still pregnant. and bought 2 because I wanted to do this for both my daughters. But like I said I just never gotten around to it.

I found an idea I liked and decided to do it before I forget.IMG_3751

What you need:

  • Stocking
  • Felt
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • circle shapes

How to:

I first tore off the Christmas tree on the stocking. it came off quite easily. Then looked for the perfect size shape in my kitchen. took some trial and error. I drew circles on a piece of paper of different objects. Cut them out and placed them on the stocking. and my cookie cutters seem to be the perfect sizes. I also used a bottle cap for the smallest size.IMG_3720

then I traced the shape onto the pieces of left over felt I had. I needed three circles of each size. All in all I had 18 circles of different sizes to make 6 flowers.IMG_3673

and cut them all out.IMG_3690

I then stacked them in 3’s to cut out little “V” to resemble flower petals. when cutting I placed the smaller circle on top to see how deep I have to cut the “V”. IMG_3694

Next step was to assemble the flower. I glued the smaller circle ontop of the larger one in alternating the colours.IMG_3728

When the glue dried I glued them onto the burlap stocking. I choose different styles as I wanted the kids to be able to differentiate between their stockings.


(only after taking this picture I realized it would look better without the red string.)



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