Sensory box

My little diva has gotten very interactive and I started looking for activities to do so came across the sensory box idea. I got all the scraps from my craft boxIMG_3233

I got pom poms, lettering ( to spell my divas name) a wooden heart, different texture material flowers, piece of a face cloth, a cut out of a butterfly made out of cardboard, a piece of ribbon a rock from the garden ( I gave it a good scrub) and a piece of foil from a chips packed.

I paste these with craft glue and let dry for almost a whole day to ensure the glue has dried properly and wont come off during play. IMG_3317

then the true test to see if my little diva will like it.November 2013

and its a hit she was fascinated with all the textures. she sat occupied with it long enough for me to do the dishes 🙂


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