For the birds

Spring is here and the birds are here in full swing. we even have a birdie every day come peak into the house a couple of times a day. This sparked my excitement to make something for the birds this weekend. we did 2 projects.

  1. Bird seed holder

This was a  really nice little project as my diva loved it.

what you need

  • a base (I used a blank coaster from a previous project)
  • Ice-cream sticks
  • craft glue ( the kind that dries clear is preferable)
  • 4 pieces of Twine/string

How to:

Start by gluing the sticks to make a square on top of base. IMG_3482 IMG_3486

My diva made her own bowl. I just placed the glue and she added the sticksNovember 20133

then left it to dry.IMG_3506

I tied a piece of twine at each corner as this proved to be more stabilizing when it  is hung. I then breaded the twine to make it look neat.IMG_3538  then we had to hang it.IMG_3565

IMG_3570 IMG_3543

  1. Gelatin bird seed shapes

I was actually contemplating if I should really posts this as this was such a huge flop. but learnt a few things as I got it kinda right at try number 3.

what you need

  • Bird seeds
  • gelatin
  • water
  • cookie cutters ( smallish simple shapes works best
  • string

How to

I wont bore you with all my trail and error so will just write what worked. Mix the gelatin as directed on your packed. Add your bird seedIMG_3472 let it stand for a while in the fridge till it start to set. I found scooping it on the shapes with lots of gelatin helps bind it. Scoop half way and add twine or string in the middle and the fill up the rest of the cookie cutter.  Also the bigger shapes didn’t hold well at all when it was hung. as it slipped of the twine so stick to small simple shapes. let it set for a few hours. I did mine early the morning so we could hang it by 4pm.

Once it is set gently take it out of the cookie cutter and let it stand out to dry abit as the bottom side of the shape would be a bit wet.


(side note the butterfly was too big and heavy and didn’t even last 1 minute on the tree and tore in half where the string was 😦  )


Now to see if the birdies will enjoy our hard work.


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