Christmas stockings

I have postponed this craft for over a year. I wanted t do this last year but never gotten around to it. so when I was busy unpacking my craft box I came across the burlap stocking I bought last year at the R5 store. IMG_3656 I liked the burlap idea as it is not a common material you see stocking made in. but didn’t like the tree so much so that had to go. At the time I was still pregnant. and bought 2 because I wanted to do this for both my daughters. But like I said I just never gotten around to it.

I found an idea I liked and decided to do it before I forget.IMG_3751

What you need:

  • Stocking
  • Felt
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • circle shapes

How to:

I first tore off the Christmas tree on the stocking. it came off quite easily. Then looked for the perfect size shape in my kitchen. took some trial and error. I drew circles on a piece of paper of different objects. Cut them out and placed them on the stocking. and my cookie cutters seem to be the perfect sizes. I also used a bottle cap for the smallest size.IMG_3720

then I traced the shape onto the pieces of left over felt I had. I needed three circles of each size. All in all I had 18 circles of different sizes to make 6 flowers.IMG_3673

and cut them all out.IMG_3690

I then stacked them in 3’s to cut out little “V” to resemble flower petals. when cutting I placed the smaller circle on top to see how deep I have to cut the “V”. IMG_3694

Next step was to assemble the flower. I glued the smaller circle ontop of the larger one in alternating the colours.IMG_3728

When the glue dried I glued them onto the burlap stocking. I choose different styles as I wanted the kids to be able to differentiate between their stockings.


(only after taking this picture I realized it would look better without the red string.)



For the birds

Spring is here and the birds are here in full swing. we even have a birdie every day come peak into the house a couple of times a day. This sparked my excitement to make something for the birds this weekend. we did 2 projects.

  1. Bird seed holder

This was a  really nice little project as my diva loved it.

what you need

  • a base (I used a blank coaster from a previous project)
  • Ice-cream sticks
  • craft glue ( the kind that dries clear is preferable)
  • 4 pieces of Twine/string

How to:

Start by gluing the sticks to make a square on top of base. IMG_3482 IMG_3486

My diva made her own bowl. I just placed the glue and she added the sticksNovember 20133

then left it to dry.IMG_3506

I tied a piece of twine at each corner as this proved to be more stabilizing when it  is hung. I then breaded the twine to make it look neat.IMG_3538  then we had to hang it.IMG_3565

IMG_3570 IMG_3543

  1. Gelatin bird seed shapes

I was actually contemplating if I should really posts this as this was such a huge flop. but learnt a few things as I got it kinda right at try number 3.

what you need

  • Bird seeds
  • gelatin
  • water
  • cookie cutters ( smallish simple shapes works best
  • string

How to

I wont bore you with all my trail and error so will just write what worked. Mix the gelatin as directed on your packed. Add your bird seedIMG_3472 let it stand for a while in the fridge till it start to set. I found scooping it on the shapes with lots of gelatin helps bind it. Scoop half way and add twine or string in the middle and the fill up the rest of the cookie cutter.  Also the bigger shapes didn’t hold well at all when it was hung. as it slipped of the twine so stick to small simple shapes. let it set for a few hours. I did mine early the morning so we could hang it by 4pm.

Once it is set gently take it out of the cookie cutter and let it stand out to dry abit as the bottom side of the shape would be a bit wet.


(side note the butterfly was too big and heavy and didn’t even last 1 minute on the tree and tore in half where the string was 😦  )


Now to see if the birdies will enjoy our hard work.

Sensory box

My little diva has gotten very interactive and I started looking for activities to do so came across the sensory box idea. I got all the scraps from my craft boxIMG_3233

I got pom poms, lettering ( to spell my divas name) a wooden heart, different texture material flowers, piece of a face cloth, a cut out of a butterfly made out of cardboard, a piece of ribbon a rock from the garden ( I gave it a good scrub) and a piece of foil from a chips packed.

I paste these with craft glue and let dry for almost a whole day to ensure the glue has dried properly and wont come off during play. IMG_3317

then the true test to see if my little diva will like it.November 2013

and its a hit she was fascinated with all the textures. she sat occupied with it long enough for me to do the dishes 🙂

Butterfly garland

My diva had a heart garland hanging on her bed that has seen better days. so I decided we must make a new one. IMG_2994

What you need:

  • I’m making 4 butterflies so 4 thick paper stock
  • acrylic paint ( in your desired colour )
  • butterfly templates 
  • One eager toddler
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon

how to:

it was such a stunning day outside that we did this craft out side. I gave my diva the paint. she choose which colours and which betterfly must have which colour.November

once painted we waited for it to get dry. and I cut out the butterflies.IMG_2977 IMG_2984

then I punched holes on either sides thread through the ribbon and hanged it.IMG_2994

Chalkboard cup

As i recently did some craft with chalkboard paint i thought why not try it on a cup and surprise my diva with random drawings. Not that i’m any piccasso.

I took a normal plastic drinking cup and marked out a block with some masking tape. and painted the marked off space with the chalkboard paint.IMG_2730


My diva loves the shapes i draw for her. IMG_2735

P.S this is not meant for dishwasher. It will hold up with light handwashing.