Cupboard revamp

I have wanted to revamp my dd cupboard since we moved in. The colours were too bold for my liking.01

This project took me a long time to finish mainly coz I couldn’t find the right shade of purple for the chalkboard. I also did it in stages. Then this week I still couldn’t find it I bought a pink chalkboard paint and seeing as I had already bought paint colourant in pink and purple I decided to add the purple to the pink and finally got a very nice purple colour.IMG_2421

So I started by painting over the bold colours and the frame. It took about 2-3coats to get rid of the bold colours.Collages18

Then as I didn’t want to buy a small tin of pink and purple I took the white paint we had and threw the pink and purple colourant in separate tins and mixed till I got the desired colours. It took about 2 coats till it was the perfect shade. I used masking tape between the chalkboard and the other paint to have a straightline. and so the colours do not bleed into each other.04

PS. This was the first time I did painting so I used a brush to apply the white paint. and it was painstakingly long method. I read that with chalkboard paint it has a smoother finish with a roller brush. I then used it to apply the colours and it was 100 times better at applying paint. so never will I use a paint brush again 🙂