My family

Its been a long while since i’ve blogged. baby is keeping me extremely busy. Thought second time around woul be easier but diva² showed me the error of my ways. She has her own little personality which is becoming stronger every day. just the cutest little thing.

I’m starting a family photo wall in my house and sadly I realised that since diva² has been born we do not have 1 family photo to put on our family wall. So Yesterday was a holiday here by us and i told dh to get ready we will be doing a family photo shoot. The weather was devine as spring seems to be here in full force now. I rounded up the kids, dh, granny and tripod and we had our own family shoot.539754_10202221213670996_1626695250_n 935948_10202221211110932_522254566_n


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I have to say it was so much easier doing the family shoot than the selfportraits. As focus is always the key in self portraits i cant focus on my self while setting it up. And having other people in the photo made it so much easier as i could focus on them while setting it up and then use the remote and just click away. Sometimes i got so caught up in the moment that i forgot to hide the remote.