Mila’s Birth story

IMG_8883Monday, 29 April 2013, was suppose to be my only day off before Tuesday being the big D-day. But as this was a sudden decision made on Friday,  I had so many loose ends at work so I had to go in to tie things up. Thought i’d be there at most 2 hours as I wanted to go home and pamper myself. Do my nails and hair and shave as I’m going in for a c-section. Well my manager could only manage to come in after 11am, so I had to wait till then. So I had to be there longer than expected.

I started feeling period like pain. Like I will get my period any moment but thought nothing of it as I know my contractions starts from the back. After a little while I started feeling lower back discomfort. Wasn’t sore just uncomfortable. I then phoned my gynae’s office to ask  when I should be concerned about being in labour. They then called the stand in gynae and he said that:

1. The contractions must be strong or;

2. my water breaks ; or

3. my mucus plug comes out.

Which none of the above had happened I just had to grin and bear my discomfort. I called DH telling him what I’m feeling but told him the doctor isn’t to concern but will keep him posted as he work is about 55km from home. So its a long drive.  After everything was wrapped up at work around 1pm my contractions was abit more intense, taking my breath away but I still had to get pj’s with button front. So went to the mall and decided I might as well walk around till i have to go fetch my diva at crèche after 2:30pm as they nap till then. So walked around through the contractions which was getting more intense especially the back pain.

I went to go pick up Mbali and went home. And when I got home I still called DH and joked with him that he is not even checking up on his wife in labour.  That was around 4pm and he said he will be leaving his work now. About 5min later I got hectic contractions . I called doctor and they said I have to go get it checked out. I then called DH and told him to meet us at the hospital as the contractions is very bad. So I grabbed my diva, mine and diva² hospital bags and drove to hospital. For some reason I couldn’t exactly say how far the contractions was apart but it was pretty close to each other. And mostly happen when I was standing at the robots. I was just focused on getting me and my diva safely to hospital through the contractions. And as luck would have it we got stuck in traffic.

DH was already at the hospital when we got there. Which I was so grateful for. We went straight to labour ward where they hooked me up to machines to monitor my diva², she seemed to be oblivious as to what was going on as she had a steady heartbeat.Collages31

And the contractions was really hectic by then. They checked me and said I’m just 1 finger dilated. So through the contractions I had to complete paperwork and DH had to run around filling in hospital forms and look after our little diva. We decided to call a colleague of his to watch our daughter while we were in theatre. But the team got there before the colleague arrived and my dear daughter had to stay outside with the nurses. I got my spinal while we were waiting for DH. I kept telling everyone we cant start without my him. And he finally got there as he was making sure our daughter was ok and he also had to suit up in scrubs.

And then we started. While they made the incision Dh kept asking me am I ok and if I could feel any pain. But I assured him I’m not feeling anything. He just look so worried. He kept telling me we are not going through this again. I just felt so sorry for him as you could see how helpless he felt that I was going through this. Next thing I know the gynae tells DH to get the camera ready she is about to make her debut. Though a bit blurry but i love these 2 photos. The first i was telling DH i can feel her coming out.IMG_8896 IMG_8897This one was the moment they took her out of me.IMG_9190

She weighed 3.5kgs and is 46cm tall. Born 29th April 2013, 18:58pm

They showed her briefly to me and took her away and I heard them doing suctions and they brought her back to me and she was placed on my chest. She was then taken away and it seemed the doctor was taking an eternity to finish up. They took about 30min which I thought was kinda strange. Turns out that me intestines was fused together. We don’t know how this happened and the gynae said that it was probably  an infection that caused it. But he fixed it.mila birth

Collages24 I was wheeled to the recovery room where Mila was brought to me again and she latched instantly.

So it was a very unexpected birth day. And threw all our carefully mapped plans out of the window. As we wanted to avoid going into labour and not have anyone looking after our first born. But on the other hand I’m so happy Mila choose her own birthday date.IMG_9219No we are the proud parents of 2 gorgeous little girls.Collages25It is definately a huge adjustment having a newborn after sleeping through the night for over a year. And leaving the whole family exhausted. But its the greatest gift one can ever get.Collages29We are slowly but surely getting use it again. especially the feeding. I really want to breastfeed but my milk is taking its sweet time coming in. So we have to top up.Collages28And daddy is such a champ when it comes to topping up. I absolutely love my husband as he is such a hands on daddy.

To make this day special I made a big sister gift pack for my first born. with some colouring pages of baby items and a baby doll with its own accessories. She loved copying mommy looking after her own baby doll.Collages27


This time around i made sure i went equipped to the hospital with my angel care monitor. With my first i hardly slept in hospital as i was so scared that she would stop breathing. so everytime i would feel her to feel if she is still breathing. best investment ever. oh and my Itzbeen gadget. helping to keep track of feeds and sleep.

Collages30Daddy giving Mila a bath. She hates being bathed but loves the warm clean feeling afterward. as she is so content when dressed after a bath.

Collages32Upon our discharge from hospital she got weighed and weighed 3.39kgs and she got foot printed. and we are finally home with our diva².