Flower on Canvas

Today my diva asked so nicely whether she could paint. And how can you say no to such a request. So I got out a canvas and some acrylic paints. With sellotape i tried to stencil out a flower. And gave her the canvas to paint on.Collages21IMG_8785Taking her painting oh so seriously..Collages22After it dried she then got to peel off the sticky tape. And she was very proud of her handy work that it had to go up on the wall immediately.


Mommy, daughter day

Today fate would have it that we couldnt go to work or school so me and my diva had a quiet mommy, daughter day. i didnt want her to be bored so had to give her some task to do. So today we started off with doing a colouring page of her current favourite character… Peppa pig. If i let her she could probably sit and watch it over and over the whole day. We coloured with glittered pens, used different textures like cotton wool and pom poms. AprilCollages17Then later we watched some Peppa PigĀ  and she came curling up to me which is such a rare occurrence that i couldn’t resist to take a photo or 2.Collages18Then after her nap, thank goodness for little miracles as she really wore me out that i too had to take a nap. we baked mini cakes. I am so loving the Dora the explorer baking utensils.IMG_8687She enjoyed the baking coz most of the batter went into her mouth.Collages19IMG_8743


We iced the cake. I only made the icing sugar. and my diva did all the work. from icing the cake to putting the sprinkles on it.Collages20and of course the best part. tasting her master piece.Collages23

Chocolate easter eggs

This weekend we decorated hard white shell chocolate easter eggs. Took some trail and error because my original idea of dyeing the egg different colours in food colouring didnt work.IMG_8575What we ended up doing was to paint the chocolate egg with gel food colouring.Collages12 but soon realised that the gel colouring had a very bitter taste on its own. So i thought well why not dunk the egg to wet the powedery shell and see if the edible glitter wont stick to it.Collages13I put the egg in a whisk so my diva can handle it better. And then when the outer powdery shell was soggy we added the edible glitter to the egg. As soon as we dipped the eggs we started using the gel food colouring , the colours became a soft palette so look quite nice especially the ones with more than 1 colour. then we added the sparkly pink edible glitter.Collages14Collages15IMG_8567And then best of all was eating the end result.IMG_8583 easter1IMG_8595

Earth hour

Collages10 Last week we did earth hour. We thought it would be past my divas bed time so me and dh could have a nice night by candle light but my diva had a different idea. she fought her afternoon nap and fell asleep around 4pm so she was wide awake for earth hour. but none the less we all enjoyed sitting around the candle ligt and having a nice family night.