A fairy tale

Yesterday was a public holiday and my diva was invited to a school friends party. She was so excited to go because it was a fairy party which means she could dress up in fairy wings. My diva is crazy about Tinkerbell, whenever we watch Tinkerbell its a preresiquite to watch it with fairy wings on. and sometimes I have to pick her up and “fly” her around the room.

So to start the party off all the kiddies loaded up their tanks with sugar. Coz what party would it be if the kiddies wasnt on a sugar high? 🙂

partyy timeThen the fairy of the forest came by and gave them all their fairy outfits and wings and wands.Collagesand a fairy wouldnt be a fairy without facepainting.Collages1Then the fun and games began. these little fairies were just in their element.partyy time1 Collages2IMG_7651Andwhen the fairies were gone they could play the rest of their sugar high off. Collages4It was indeed a very fun way to spend a lazy afternoon.


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