Big sister T-shirt

I am planning a big sister gift bag for my diva. want to get her a few things to make her still feel special on the day of baby’s birth and at the same time a little something to make her feel equiped for her little baby sister. I dont have the whole bag planned as yet. so just adding things to my list as we go. First item on the agenda a Big sister t-shirt that she can wear in hospital. Collages109I made 2 a long sleeve and short sleeve. So it will depend on the weather as baby is due in May which is the start of winter here.

  • What you will need:IMG_7362Inexpensive plain t-shirt
  • Fabric paint of your choice
  • Clipboard or and hard board you can clip the t-shirt on
  • dressmakers pencil
  • Thin paint brush

How to make itIMG_7372Clip the t-sirt to the clipboard so you can be able to write on the t-shirt. Then mark roughly where you want to write or draw your design with the dressmakers pencil/chalk. (this was indeed harder than i thought). then use the fabric paint and thin paint brush and paint over the penciled design. and let dry. Once dry iron the t-shirt on the reverse side to make it permanent.

While i was doing this i got out an old t-shirt for my diva to do the same on.IMG_7377But skipping all the other steps i just let her have free rain on what she wanted to paint on her t-shirt.March 20135and this is the end resultIMG_7431think i need to buy more plain inexpensive t’s and let her do her own magic to them.


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