Family Time

This weekend was a lazy one and we didnt do any crafts we decided to rather do a family outing. March 20134My diva love hoping from one rock to the other with the assisstance of Dh as dh started this little routine whenever we went to this particular mall. This weekend was no exception and even if Dh forgets my little diva will remind him of his duty.Collages104For the longest time i have been promising my diva i would let her ride on the rides in the mall but we always in a hurry and never have time so, I decided to spoil her and surprise her with a ride.IMG_7304then we got something to eat at the really only child friendly resturant in a mall, Spur. Their food isnt the most mind blowing selection but their playground is awesome for kids especially their trampolines as my diva loves jumping.  She also just had to get her face painted. Though it looks like she was in agony. The lady was actually very gentle. maybe the paint was cold. but my diva was a real trooper and sitting still right to the end.March 20133Dh has started playing his playstation again at home and my diva loves to play with the extra controller at home while daddy is busy. and the resturant had a room with games and ofcourse she wanted to also try.Collages105


One thought on “Family Time

  1. Wow, those pictures are so bright and festive… looks like you had a great time! My son’s Grammy took him on his first ‘ride’ on a car and bus in the mall. He LOVED IT.

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