A fairy tale

Yesterday was a public holiday and my diva was invited to a school friends party. She was so excited to go because it was a fairy party which means she could dress up in fairy wings. My diva is crazy about Tinkerbell, whenever we watch Tinkerbell its a preresiquite to watch it with fairy wings on. and sometimes I have to pick her up and “fly” her around the room.

So to start the party off all the kiddies loaded up their tanks with sugar. Coz what party would it be if the kiddies wasnt on a sugar high? 🙂

partyy timeThen the fairy of the forest came by and gave them all their fairy outfits and wings and wands.Collagesand a fairy wouldnt be a fairy without facepainting.Collages1Then the fun and games began. these little fairies were just in their element.partyy time1 Collages2IMG_7651Andwhen the fairies were gone they could play the rest of their sugar high off. Collages4It was indeed a very fun way to spend a lazy afternoon.


Preparing to be big sister

This past week i recieved a baby mag and they had a free How to… babybook in. and for some reason my diva just took to this book. Maybe she is preparing her roll on how to be a big sister. 🙂Collages110This expression is so priceless. i call it the ” OMW I’m gonna have to help mommy change a poopy diaper” expressionIMG_7450

Big sister T-shirt

I am planning a big sister gift bag for my diva. want to get her a few things to make her still feel special on the day of baby’s birth and at the same time a little something to make her feel equiped for her little baby sister. I dont have the whole bag planned as yet. so just adding things to my list as we go. First item on the agenda a Big sister t-shirt that she can wear in hospital. Collages109I made 2 a long sleeve and short sleeve. So it will depend on the weather as baby is due in May which is the start of winter here.

  • What you will need:IMG_7362Inexpensive plain t-shirt
  • Fabric paint of your choice
  • Clipboard or and hard board you can clip the t-shirt on
  • dressmakers pencil
  • Thin paint brush

How to make itIMG_7372Clip the t-sirt to the clipboard so you can be able to write on the t-shirt. Then mark roughly where you want to write or draw your design with the dressmakers pencil/chalk. (this was indeed harder than i thought). then use the fabric paint and thin paint brush and paint over the penciled design. and let dry. Once dry iron the t-shirt on the reverse side to make it permanent.

While i was doing this i got out an old t-shirt for my diva to do the same on.IMG_7377But skipping all the other steps i just let her have free rain on what she wanted to paint on her t-shirt.March 20135and this is the end resultIMG_7431think i need to buy more plain inexpensive t’s and let her do her own magic to them.

Family Time

This weekend was a lazy one and we didnt do any crafts we decided to rather do a family outing. March 20134My diva love hoping from one rock to the other with the assisstance of Dh as dh started this little routine whenever we went to this particular mall. This weekend was no exception and even if Dh forgets my little diva will remind him of his duty.Collages104For the longest time i have been promising my diva i would let her ride on the rides in the mall but we always in a hurry and never have time so, I decided to spoil her and surprise her with a ride.IMG_7304then we got something to eat at the really only child friendly resturant in a mall, Spur. Their food isnt the most mind blowing selection but their playground is awesome for kids especially their trampolines as my diva loves jumping.  She also just had to get her face painted. Though it looks like she was in agony. The lady was actually very gentle. maybe the paint was cold. but my diva was a real trooper and sitting still right to the end.March 20133Dh has started playing his playstation again at home and my diva loves to play with the extra controller at home while daddy is busy. and the resturant had a room with games and ofcourse she wanted to also try.Collages105

Gentle Giants

It was my hubby’s birthday this Past Sunday. I wanted to surprise him with a visit to the Hartebeespoortdam Elephant Sanctuary. where we will learn about these gentle giants and interact with them.Me and my diva baked him a 8min microwave chocolate cake. With Chocolate ganache topping.

IMG_6665 IMG_6870

I wanted to work my little diva up to the surprise to the elephant sanctuary so in preparation we made a elephant holding button ballons as a birthday card. i printed some elephant colouring pages. So that when she does meet the elephants that she could recognise them.

We started the monring by singing happy birthday to my hubby and ofcourse my diva wanted to help blow out the candles.IMG_6651 Then it was off to go mingle with the elephants. The sanctuary
is nestled in a forest. It was as if we were just in another world. mountains and forest all around us. Just quietness no hustling and bustling of cars. Just very tranquil way to spend a Sunday afternoon.IMG_6675 IMG_6851 IMG_6856Collages97 IMG_6737We first had a brief lesson about these animals so many interesting facts that we didnt know. for example elephants only has 4 teeth in their mouth at a time. Then we got to feed the elephants. My diva was quite nervous and only wanted to admire them from a far.

March 2013Then we were off to interact with these gentle giants in the forest. You would never believe but we were waiting for them and as huge as they are you could not hear them approaching  us until we actually had a visual of them. The guides says this is because their feet are structured in a manner that resembles a ballerina walking on her toes. We all then got acquinted with the elephants being able to touch and stroke them and even getting a peak into their gigantic mouths for them to show us their huge pearly white.Collages99 Collages102 IMG_6802 Collages100

Then we were off to walk hand in trunk with these giants. we had to walk in front of them reach our hands to the back and then they would automatically put their trunk over our fingers. was the most mind blowing experience. Though these giants walks extremely fast and me and my preggy bellie plus carrying a toddler, I could hardly keep up with them.Collages101 IMG_6839