Pipe cleaner madness

This weekend we went pipe cleaner crazy with our crafts. We always get pipe cleaners in our craft sets so we have tons of the things so we did some crafts with them.

1. Pipe Cleaner finger angels & monsters10Feb1What you need:

  • pipecleaners
  • pom pom craft glue
  • crazy eyes

How to make it:

Twist the pip cleaner around your toddlers finger. Make sure the top is tightly coiled as the pom pom will be glued on to it. Glue Pom Pom on top of the coil and let dry. Ones dry glue on the crazy eyes and let dry.

2. Pipe Cleaner butterflies10Feb2What you need:

  • Pipe cleaners
  • 4 Pom poms
  • Craft Glue
  • Crazy eyes

How to:

Glue the 4 pom poms on to each other and let them dry. Glue on Crazy eyes to the top pom pom. Bend the pipe cleaners into a figure 8. this takes alot of trail and error. so i do not have a set way of doing it. and glue 2 figure 8’s onto back of the 4 pom pom and let dry.

3. Pipe cleaner glassesIMG_5408

Instead of my trying to explain it I’ll just add the link from where i got it from.

And here is my diva sporting her very interesting glasses.10Feb Collages88 IMG_5505