Toddler Rings

My diva is a bit sick at home with a throat infection. Though between fevers she certainly doesnt act sick. So to keep her not active but busy I decided to make some more toddler bling. DIY rings..IMG_26701What you will need:IMG_2627

  • Assortment of buttons
  • metal ring with a base (this i got at a craft shop in the beads section)
  • Craft glue

How to make it

This is quite a quick and easy Craft. Put Glue on the metal base  and choose your buttons to put on the base and let dry. You can do this with a glue gun but mine is broken so i opt for normal craft glue. took a bit longer to dry but it work just as well.DIY ringsCollages38We decided to keep most of the rings single layers as it took quite a bit of time to dry.IMG_2654For making this an older kiddie craft you can stack different shapes & sizes on top of each other.IMG_2665 And here is my diva modeling her creations.Collages39 IMG_2686 IMG_2696 IMG_2702 IMG_2714


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