Cutting with scissors

This weekend I thought that Dora was due for a hair cut. Collages58

But I soon came to realise that my diva doesn’t know how to handle a scissor properly. so this weekend was devoted to making a mess and cutting up everything in her path with a blunt nose plastic scissor, so she can get use to a scissor. So Dora will have to wait till next week for her hair trim.Collages59Collages60


Growing Grass Hair

For Christmas i decided to surprise both my diva and daddy to give them a pressie that is a craft for both of them to do. Growing grass. I saw the idea be a friend of mine and loved it so much that i knew it would be the perfect craft for daddy and daughter to do as my dh loves gardening.

I looked all over and found at a small shop a little soil doll made out of soil and seeds with grass seeds at the top of head, So that when the grass starts growing it will look like the doll is growing hair.IMG_2479IMG_2481

Last weekend we started the little project. My diva is very much into Dora the explorer so she named the doll Dora. we submerged Dora in a jug of water to get her soaked and her ribbons fell off so i replaced it with white ribbons. My diva and her daddy watered her every other day. And after 3 days we saw sprouts starting to show. and on day 5 she had already lots of “hair”.doraAnd on day 8 she is sporting a very nice grass hairdo.IMG_3240

Toddler Rings

My diva is a bit sick at home with a throat infection. Though between fevers she certainly doesnt act sick. So to keep her not active but busy I decided to make some more toddler bling. DIY rings..IMG_26701What you will need:IMG_2627

  • Assortment of buttons
  • metal ring with a base (this i got at a craft shop in the beads section)
  • Craft glue

How to make it

This is quite a quick and easy Craft. Put Glue on the metal baseĀ  and choose your buttons to put on the base and let dry. You can do this with a glue gun but mine is broken so i opt for normal craft glue. took a bit longer to dry but it work just as well.DIY ringsCollages38We decided to keep most of the rings single layers as it took quite a bit of time to dry.IMG_2654For making this an older kiddie craft you can stack different shapes & sizes on top of each other.IMG_2665 And here is my diva modeling her creations.Collages39 IMG_2686 IMG_2696 IMG_2702 IMG_2714

Holiday Activities

This holiday i didnt want to be out and about every single day. As that can get very expensive and be extremely tiring. And as i had 2 divas to entertain i decided to reuse some of the activities i did with My little diva at home and some water fun as well to keep them occupied.

1. Get out the water hose & sprinkler attachment.
December 2013Collages23Such an easy and basic thing will keep the littlies occupied for a very long time.

2. Salt dough shapesDecember 20132 Collages28I let them make quite a few so that they can paint a few every other day. Even let them make their handprints.

3. Painting Salt dough shapes

Every other day he painted a few shapes. These photos are of them painting their handprints.IMG_1583 IMG_1590 IMG_1594Collages30

4. Playing in the poolIMG_1559 IMG_1480-2 Collages22 Collages19

5. Facepainting crayons ( my diva’s fav activity)December 20131Collages24 Collages25

6. Dancing in the rain

And if it is raining on a hot summers day. why not dance in the rain.IMG_1395IMG_1391So there you have it. who says staying indoors while on holiday has to be boring?