Pom Pom frame

Since my diva loves to do crafts we far as possible make most our Christmas pressies. We decided on a pom pom frame for her cousin.IMG_1220

What you will need:IMG_1213

  • Pom Poms of different sizes
  • Glue
  • Raw wooden frame
  • Craft paint

How to:

Before you start painting the frame take out the glass. I painted the frame pink so if there is a spot missed by the pom poms the pink will show instead of the raw wood.IMG_1212Put generous amounts of glue on the frame. And add the pom poms. We choose complimentary colours of pink and purples and different sizes. Do it section by section as the glue might dry before you get to it. Do this until the whole frame is covered.IMG_1214IMG_1217


2 thoughts on “Pom Pom frame

  1. I just love your blog! As a mom of a little one roughly the same age as yours, I really appreciate all the ideas and crafts you come up with. I would love to do more crafts but battle to find the materials! Where do you find all your materials? Please keep blogging…some of us lack the creativity. You have a gift!

    • Thanks Claire for your comment. I do find it quite hard between having a full time job and my photography business on the weekend and therefore i try and do quick and easy crafts that she would love. Most of the supplies i find at crafts shops in my area, though most of my friends know me and my diva love crafts they would buy us craft sets with all kinds of papers, pompoms and niknaks so i utilise what i already have in my home. and if i cant find what is needed for the craft i’ll try alternative material and see how it turns out. sometimes it works other times it is a total flop but atleast my diva enjoyed the process.

      oh and pinterest is a create source of for inspirational ideas.

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