DIY Strawberry Lipgloss

I have 2 little divas ( my one diva M and my sisters little one diva A) i want to make Christmas stockings for. Diva A is 7yrs and is a real little lady and is loving make up so i thought it would be a great idea making some kid friendly lipgloss. And i found this DIY on pinterest.

The recipe seemed simple enough though my recipe didnt work out at all as we dont have Kool-aid brand here so just took any powder mix a drink which could have been the problem as it didnt disolve in the vaseline after i heated up the vaseline. I did my own mix which was just throwing things in together and hope the out come is good..LOLIMG_0100 what you’ll need for my deviation

  • Vaseline
  • Strawberry Sherbet
  • powder chocolate food colouring
  • Food glitter
  • mini containers
  • Sticker templates
  • Paper stock
  • Craft glue

How to make it

Scoop an desired amount of vaseline into a microwave safe bowl, melt vaseline in microwave i did it in 1 minute increments till vaseline is runny. slowly add in sherbet. The sherbet dont give it much of a colour so i added strawberry coloured chocolate powder food colouring to give the pink colour then to give it a bit of shimmer i didnt want to use normal craft glitter as one dont always know how toxic they are. So I went to the baking shop to get some glitter you throw over the icing and it still did the same thing. (Just one more thing though, If i have to do this recipe again i’ll make sure the vaseline is the shiny sort and not the matt one.)IMG_0111

Print out template on either sticker paper ( which i didnt have) so i printed out on normal paper stock and cut it out . after i cut it out i paste it with craft glue on the lids.


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