DIY Alphabet Letter stamp

I For christmas gift wrapping i came a cross this cute idea on Pinterest 80713018292078282_VW8KlSBs_cI looked high and low for alphabet letter stamps but couldnt found any. And a few ladies recommended i use craft foam letters. It was easy enough to find the lettering at any craft shop and here is my DIY.

What you’ll need:IMG_0019

  • Craft foam alphabet letters
  • Styrofoam squares
  • Modge Podge

How To:

I firstly only use the letters i need for the names. i left out rare letters like X & V but in future if i need them i’ll just add them. Then put modge on the squares and paste the letters mirrored (backwards) to the square so that when you use the stamp the letter is in the correct way. and let dry.IMG_0025Now i just have to use it.. will let you know how it works out



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