Rubber stamp update

After wrapping all my christmas pressie. Yes i’m that organised 😉 Just joking. we will be leaving to go visit the family over the festive season so the pressies has to be wrapped before we leave.  So tried out my rubber stampsIMG_1234 IMG_1236Oh and for those who do not know the wrapping paper is courtesy of my diva. We have not bought any wrapping paper since we started this little tradition of her decorating wrapping paper.


Pom Pom frame

Since my diva loves to do crafts we far as possible make most our Christmas pressies. We decided on a pom pom frame for her cousin.IMG_1220

What you will need:IMG_1213

  • Pom Poms of different sizes
  • Glue
  • Raw wooden frame
  • Craft paint

How to:

Before you start painting the frame take out the glass. I painted the frame pink so if there is a spot missed by the pom poms the pink will show instead of the raw wood.IMG_1212Put generous amounts of glue on the frame. And add the pom poms. We choose complimentary colours of pink and purples and different sizes. Do it section by section as the glue might dry before you get to it. Do this until the whole frame is covered.IMG_1214IMG_1217

Salt Dough Christmas decorations

i saw this fan tastic idea from a friend of mine, Jess. and i thought it looked like a fun idea to do some ornaments for our christmas tree. Well i did most of the hard work.and it took me quite a few days to finish it.IMG_1204 - Copy

the first day i made the salt dough shapes.

what you’ll need

  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 cup water
  • half cup water
  • rolling pin
  • cookie cutters

How to make

mix all together and mix the dough till a doughy consistancy.  then roll the dough out and then use the cookie cutters to cut out the shapes. place the shapes in a well greased oven pan and bake until the cookie is rock solid hard. ( i hate my oven as it either cookes too fastor to slow. so my dough was not hard enough when i took it out and instead of baking it again. i layed them in window sill that gets lots of direct sunlight and let the sun dry it out naturally).oh  just have to disclaim that i dont know if it was my oven but some of the dough bubbled. but after painting it it looked inetersting with the raised parts.IMG_0041Then it was all dried i then painted it silver to atleast have a base colour for when my diva paints so if she misses a spot then the silver would show through instead of the white paste dough colour.IMG_0088Then it was my divas turn to do her magic.IMG_0051IMG_0057IMG_0092And i added a bit of glitter to make them sparkle while the paint was wet. After the paint dried I gave the shape a cover of modge to seal the paint.and add a string for the hanging.IMG_1199and then all that was left was to put up our tree and hang the ornaments.IMG_1188IMG_1180

End of year Teacher Appreciation gift

To day is my divas last day for the year at her creche and just to say a token of thank you to her teacher we did a little something to show how much we appreciate their hard work. I made biscuits but what makes the gift so special was that the container was our little DIY project.IMG_1166What you’ll need:IMG_1132

  • Small tins
  • Craft glue
  • White stock paper
  • Craft glue
  • Marker
  • craft/acryllic paint

How you do it:

Cut white paper to the size of your tin. You can actually make any drawings but we decided to make christmas lights. so with the marker draw a curly string from one side to another. And then let my diva dip her fingers in the paint and use the fingerprint as the bulb for the christmas lights.IMG_1135I added the curly squigles to join the “bulb” to the line. When dry glue the paper to the tin.IMG_1159I made home made biscuits to be roughly the size of the tin.IMG_1153Insert buiscuits in tin and tie them with a pretty ribbon.


DIY Strawberry Lipgloss

I have 2 little divas ( my one diva M and my sisters little one diva A) i want to make Christmas stockings for. Diva A is 7yrs and is a real little lady and is loving make up so i thought it would be a great idea making some kid friendly lipgloss. And i found this DIY on pinterest.

The recipe seemed simple enough though my recipe didnt work out at all as we dont have Kool-aid brand here so just took any powder mix a drink which could have been the problem as it didnt disolve in the vaseline after i heated up the vaseline. I did my own mix which was just throwing things in together and hope the out come is good..LOLIMG_0100 what you’ll need for my deviation

  • Vaseline
  • Strawberry Sherbet
  • powder chocolate food colouring
  • Food glitter
  • mini containers
  • Sticker templates
  • Paper stock
  • Craft glue

How to make it

Scoop an desired amount of vaseline into a microwave safe bowl, melt vaseline in microwave i did it in 1 minute increments till vaseline is runny. slowly add in sherbet. The sherbet dont give it much of a colour so i added strawberry coloured chocolate powder food colouring to give the pink colour then to give it a bit of shimmer i didnt want to use normal craft glitter as one dont always know how toxic they are. So I went to the baking shop to get some glitter you throw over the icing and it still did the same thing. (Just one more thing though, If i have to do this recipe again i’ll make sure the vaseline is the shiny sort and not the matt one.)IMG_0111

Print out template on either sticker paper ( which i didnt have) so i printed out on normal paper stock and cut it out . after i cut it out i paste it with craft glue on the lids.

DIY Alphabet Letter stamp

I For christmas gift wrapping i came a cross this cute idea on Pinterest 80713018292078282_VW8KlSBs_cI looked high and low for alphabet letter stamps but couldnt found any. And a few ladies recommended i use craft foam letters. It was easy enough to find the lettering at any craft shop and here is my DIY.

What you’ll need:IMG_0019

  • Craft foam alphabet letters
  • Styrofoam squares
  • Modge Podge

How To:

I firstly only use the letters i need for the names. i left out rare letters like X & V but in future if i need them i’ll just add them. Then put modge on the squares and paste the letters mirrored (backwards) to the square so that when you use the stamp the letter is in the correct way. and let dry.IMG_0025Now i just have to use it.. will let you know how it works out