Canvas Christmas tree

Its been awhile since we did canvases. So i decided to make a Handprint christmas tree with my diva, as it took a few tries to get it right as she hates to be directed when it comes to her art work.

What you need:

  • Canvas
  • Variety of different colour crylic paint of 1 must be green.
  • Green glitter
  • twigs
  • Craft glue
  • Star shape
  • Modge podge

How to make

Dip your toddlers hand in green paint. I found it easier to make the tree upside down. From the bottom up first make 1 print second row will be 2 hand prints, 3rd row will have 3 handprints depending on how big your canvas is continue till you reach the bottom but leave generous space for the tree trunk.

(It took a couple of attempts to get the tree right. so this canvas was a mess canvas to distract her in between the time i was preparing the one we will hang.)

Then i sprinkle some green glitter on the wet paint just to give it abit of shine. The leave to dry. Once dry i draw lines on the tree for the christmas lights and dip toddlers fingers in various colour paint and make bulb finger prints. And let dry.

Once dry i glue the star shape on the top of the tree. Also i didnt have brown paint to draw the tree stump so i gathered twigs and glued it on the canvas  fro the tree stump.

Then when everything is completely dry give it a coat of modge to seal the artwork. i also put a date on all artwork as one tend to forget how old they where when it was done.

so this is my divas end result of her mess canvas. I kept mostly to the colours i used on the tree so it can be displayed together.Our art wall display.


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