Felt Christmas tree

As Christmas is almost upon us I decided its time to start the Christmassy crafts I had my eye on. First on my list is the toddler felt Christmas tree. I want to do this so that my diva will have a tree for her own that she can decorate and redecorate. Also want to take it with on holiday so we would have a tree during the cristmas time as this tree is so compact to carry around in a suitcase.

I slowly but surely started cutting out shapes and started decorating them thinking I wanted to surprise my diva with a completed tree. But thought why not involve her in making the felt decorations for the tree. And that is what we did this weekend.

What you need:

  • ½ metre dark green felt ( for tree)
  • Different colour felt pieces  (for ornaments)
  • Embellishments like ribbon, buttons strips of felt, glitter glue ( actually anything your heart desires but keep in mind not to make it to heavy that the ornament doesn’t stick.)
  • Craft glue or glue gun

How to:

From the ½ metre of felt cut a tree shape. It can either be just a triangle or if you are brave like I tried to be you can try your hand at a branched tree. To make the branch tree much easier I measures out the one side with the jagged branch side and when I was happy folded the piece of material in half so I can cut both sides simultaneously so both sides look the same. Because I tried drawing the branches both sides and looked so lopsided and this technique worked perfectly. With the different colour pieces of felt I could only cut out what my artistic drawings could allow me, so its stars, circles hearts and diamond shapes free hand.

And then cut it out. Also I cut out big squares for the presents cause face it what Christmas tree is complete without pressies.

Then I let my diva decorate her felt decorations which she had a blast with. Had her own idea as to what to put on which shape.

Here are her creation. This is what I have made over the last weeks.

Will update you on when we put the tree and the decorations up



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